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Expected Features of Odoo 14

What is Odoo? Before we talk about the Odoo 14 launch, the upcoming version, let’s discuss Odoo. One of the most beneficial software lately for businesses has been Odoo. The start of Odoo was on a small scale like any other new venture almost 15 years back in 2005. They introduced a tiny ERP then, […]


Everything to Know About Odoo 13 New Notification on Odoo Marketplace

Releasing new versions and updates for any application is a continuous process, and Odoo has recently come up with version 13.0. With the latest update, customers visiting the Odoo marketplace observes a notification being displayed on the top of every Odoo app. Our technical support team has also been hit with a pile of queries […]


Odoo 13 New Updates and Features

Odoo has finally released Odoo 13 features. With the newest version release, there are new improvements. With these features of Odoo ERP, Odoo has become the complete business suite for the organizations that want their business in a streamlined way. Every year with the newest release, it enhances the module and features which is suitable […]


Key Things to Keep in Mind While Choosing an Odoo App

Before buying an application from the marketplace, it is imperative to know some critical points about the application. Ksolves Odoo App Store is one of the marketplaces where multiple vendors are selling Odoo apps. As these apps are business-specific, the customer wants to know a lot about them before taking the final plunge of buying […]


How Software Testing Helps You Achieve Quality

Software quality is an integral pursuit of excellence which is achieved by software testing. Software flaws have caused billions of dollars in waste or even led to unhappy customers. To ensure a high level of customer satisfaction, one should always keep an eye on quality assurance. A Software Company thrives on delivering a quality software […]


Why must every WooCommerce Store have an Odoo Back Office?

Thousands of new online businesses are launched every year and entrepreneurs and business owners have a shortage of options when it comes to choosing an eCommerce platform. When business owners consider any platform for their eCommerce businesses, they examine it out for the features it offers, including scalability. WooCommerce is one such widely accepted platform […]


Best Odoo Apps to Make your Business Grow Rapidly

Odoo is one of the most popular, all-in-one business software when it comes to well-organized ERP. Odoo offers robust, classy designs and runs without any glitches on a running website that is why business owners are looking for Odoo modules that can be merged with e-commerce, CMS, and ERP. Odoo is attracting new users and […]


Why choose Cassandra among all the other databases for Big Data?

Cassandra has become the talk of the Big Data community. The Cassandra database is the right option for the database for scalability and high availability without compromising performance for mission-critical applications. Heavy-load applications such as Netflix and Facebook are solely dependent on Cassandra because of the features offered. Cassandra’s USPs, such as excellent performance, scalability, […]


Top 3 Tech Trends 2020 That are Sure to Transform the Future of Businesses

Did you know? Kodak, a leading technology company in the photographic industry failed to make its mark in the digital photography revolution. Nokia, once a leader in the mobile industry, was pushed down by the customers because the company failed to accept the change in technology. Yahoo, one of the main players in the online […]

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