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Odoo Sales Forecast App: The Ultimate Tool for Your Business

Have you ever realized the importance of Sales Forecasting in your business? If not, read a few facts mentioned below: In 2013, Walmart created a negative impression on its customers due to the out- of- stock problem. It could have been resolved by proper forecasting demand. Nike, in 2001 lost out by implementing a demanding […]


Native App vs Hybrid App: Which technology to Adapt for Your Business?

As per a Statista report, it is estimated that mobile apps are projected to generate around 935 Billion US dollars with paid downloads and in-app advertising. Also, it is seen that mobile users spend 87% of their total time in mobile apps. Wondering why these numbers and images are here? This is to show you […]


Planning for Your Next Mobile App? Here’s What You Need to Know

Are you the one who is thinking of developing a Mobile App? Are you aware of the factors that should be kept in mind before building a Mobile application? Building your first Mobile app can be a tedious task. As we know, the mobile app market is tremendously growing, it’s very difficult to keep a […]


Top 6 Machine Learning Applications in Healthcare

The healthcare sector has been an early adopter of and also benefited from technological advances for a long time. Nowadays, Machine Learning (a part of Artificial Intelligence) plays an essential role in many medical concerns, including the development of the medical treatments, the handling of patient data, their records, and the treatment of various chronic […]


Answering the Most Asked Question: Why Choose Node.js?

Do you have an innovative idea that’s going to turn your web app into the next big thing? That’s great – but remember that software development is a process that has to be well-thought-out, and the most critical decision of what backend environment you are going to choose has to be made at the early […]


Why Drupal is Important For Your Business?

If you’re a small business/startup owner who needs application development, we know how difficult the process can be. To the non-tech person, even knowing where to start can be tedious. You might have made one of the following decisions already: – Those commercials look pretty great. I will build my own app/online store. – Every […]


How is Big Data Helping in Healthcare

Leveraging technology in an appropriate way can make/break the future of healthcare. One of the ways that healthcare will become more affordable, more efficient, and save more lives is through the use of big data. As per an International Data Corporation (IDC) report sponsored by Seagate Technology, it is seen that big data is projected […]


Here’s What to Know When Choosing an eCommerce Theme

You go to the store to buy a box of oats for breakfast, and there you judge the product by its package. You check on Amazon to choose the book and there too, you choose the book by its cover. …

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