Why is Java So Popular in 2020: Everything You Need To Know!



October 13, 2020

Why is Java so popular?

The pandemic-hit 2020 marks the silver jubilee of Java! The fact that this programming language has survived a quarter of a decade deserves a round of applause. But, why is Java So Popular? Well, in this blog, you will get your answer!

Java has consistently upgraded its programming efficiency for decades. It is one of the most popular programming languages and has maintained its position among the top three most popular programming languages. This is a natural and realistic software design approach. The Java objects can encapsulate data and behavior that makes coding reusable and testing/troubleshooting easier.

Here are the most important factors that boost the popularity of Java.


Java utilizes English-like syntaxes that are very helpful for new learners. Also, the language can be learned in two phases: Core Java and Advanced Java. Thus, Java has one of the most simple learning curves.  


Java is an open-source language. It has a thriving community with millions of Java developers around the world. Java runs on a wide variety of devices, translating into a wide variety of industries using Java. That diverse community is always helping each other to grow in different ways.

Java has a suite of powerful development tools

Integrated Development Environment (IDE) is one of the most interesting aspects of Java. It is an extensive suite of many automation editors, tools, and debuggers.

Java boasts of rich API

Java has an extensive and rich Application Programming Interface. It allows numerous methods that one can utilize in any code. The methods can cater to every purpose that ranges from database connections, networking, XML parsing, easy handling of input-output, and much more. Java also has several open-source libraries such as Google Guava, Apache POI, Apache Xerxes/Commons, Gson, etc.


A JIT-compiled code can execute fast on the modern JVMs, just like an optimized native code. This implies that Java is one of the fastest available language/implementation combos. This feature makes it a very versatile programming language preferred by the users.

Corporate Backing:

Looked upon as a strategic platform, Java is supported by the biggest tech unicorns & organizations(Google, IBM, Oracle, etc.). Java is also substantially supported by media companies, banks, etc. Probably, there is no other platform/language that has such huge industry support.


Java mimics a genuine cross-platform programming environment. Ranging from high-end servers to smartphones, a flawless Java code can run with no alteration on such platforms. Java is a bytecode language, and as compiled libraries are easily portable across platforms, Java has an inherent benefit in the library space.


Java is one of the most secure languages out there. The Java security APIs encompass a wide range of areas. The public key infrastructure (PKI) interfaces and cryptographic helps build the underlying basis to develop secure apps. To help apps shield against unauthorized access to sensitive resources, the interface performs authentication & access control.


Indeed, Java is not the best language for all domains in the industry. However, Java is very versatile and benefits from the famous JVM. It is compelling and empowers you to create scalable & high-performance programs. It is more commonly utilized in our daily life than one might realize. Popular websites like YouTube, LinkedIn, and eBay use Java. Also, Java focuses on a consistent and robust development roadmap in security & performance that keeps it ahead in the competition of Java vs. Other Programming Languages.

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