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December 12, 2023


Remember that saying from The Alchemist, “When you want something, all the universe conspires in helping you to achieve it.” Well, we experienced that magic when we won the Indian MSME of the Year Award, recognizing us as the best Service provider at the ET MSME Awards 2023 by Economic Times. This victory is more than an award; it’s a celebration of our hard work, teamwork, and determination. We were super happy and humbled by this incredible recognition, and we’re eager to share our success story with everyone.

ET MSME Award 2023 

In the heart of New Delhi, the remarkable event of the ET MSME Awards 2023 took center stage. This prestigious occasion, graced by Dr. Ajay Sahai, Director General & CEO of the Federation of Indian Export Organization, brought together industry leaders, key stakeholders, and distinguished guests to celebrate the accomplishments of 27 winners across 26 award categories.

The spotlight shone brightly on India’s micro, small, and medium enterprises, hailed as the backbone of the nation’s economy. Delegates and diplomats from the embassies of Cuba, Mongolia, Peru, Chile, and Mexico added an international flair to the celebration, underscoring the global significance of the Indian MSME ecosystem.

At the Grand Felicitation Ceremony, esteemed speakers and dignitaries extended their congratulations to the 26 MSME winners. These achievements not only mark individual successes but also contribute to India’s overarching vision of attaining developed nation status by 2047, encapsulating the spirit of India’s Amrit Kaal vision.


Ksolves Receiving the Indian MSME Award 2023

Ksolves Receiving the Indian MSME Award 2023


Ksolves bagged the Indian MSME of the Year Award for being the best service provider at this grand event. Receiving this prestigious award by Economic Times has been a dream come true moment for us, a result of years of hard work and commitment to delivering quality. It’s as if the universe nodded in agreement, acknowledging the countless hours of effort each member of the Ksolves family has contributed. We’re sincerely grateful for this milestone, and it fuels our determination to aim for even greater heights. 

A Quick Glance at Ksolves

In 2012, Mr. Ratan Srivastava laid the foundation for Ksolves with a visionary goal – to create custom tech solutions for businesses. Starting modestly, we specialized in Big Data, AI/ML, and Salesforce, gradually evolving into the preferred choice for companies seeking high-quality IT solutions.

The year 2019 marked a significant milestone with the introduction of the Ksolves Store, a platform offering customized Odoo apps and themes. Notably, our Dashboard Ninja emerged as a standout product, consistently securing the #1 position on the Odoo App Store.

Fast forward to 2020 – a pivotal year for us. In July, we took a leap into the public sphere, making a notable debut on India’s largest Stock Exchange, the NSE, through an IPO. Simultaneously, we attained the esteemed CMMI Level 3 certification, underscoring our commitment to excellence.

Presently, we proudly hold a spot on the mainboards of both the NSE and BSE, a testament to the trust and stability we’ve earned in the market. From securing ISO and NASSCOM certifications to achieving the status of Odoo Gold Partner and Salesforce Crest Consulting Partner, our journey is marked by milestones that reflect our credibility. Adding to our accolades, we received the Nasscom SME Growth Leadership Award in 2023. Our story is not merely a passage of time; it’s a narrative of unwavering dedication to technological innovation and customer satisfaction.


“In the journey of Ksolves, every challenge is a stepping stone, and every success is a milestone. Winning this award is a reminder of our team’s commitment and innovation. It’s a symbol of our unity and determination, pushing us to climb even higher and achieve more together.”


Ratan Srivastava, Founder & CEO – Ksolves India Limited

To the ET MSME Awards, a big thank you for putting a spotlight on our efforts. And to our clients, partners, and everyone who’s been part of the Ksolves family, this one’s for you too! Your support has been our driving force, and we’re thrilled to share this moment of triumph with all of you. Here’s to the collective happiness of making Ksolves the Indian MSME of the Year in Service. Cheers to us!

At Ksolves, quality service is our promise, and hard work is our signature. We don’t just meet expectations; we exceed them, driven by a relentless commitment to excellence. 

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