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December 20, 2021

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Almost every firm has its own approach to what they need in an ERP system, which leads to customization, and not every ERP can customize solutions to meet a customer’s business demands. Odoo exceeds everyone’s expectations. One of the most significant advantages of Odoo is that there are no restrictions on customization. Odoo is a feature-rich management software that is fully integrated and easily configurable. However, to ensure the success of the Odoo implementation project and get the most out of the Odoo software, we recommend you hire an Odoo developer to assist. Even though the Odoo ERP system is easy to use and intuitive, it is important to set it up properly so that it can meet the demands of your firm. Odoo consulting services as that of Ksolves assist businesses at every level of their company management software deployment, including needs analysis, software configuration, data transfer, user training, and support. 

What Does An Odoo Developer Do?

An Odoo developer is a person who works with the Odoo ERP software to construct, implement, and customize apps and functionalities. They have a solid understanding of programming ideas and the Odoo framework. They work directly with Odoo applications and software and may give Odoo project needs with solutions. These programmers are in charge of fine-tuning all settings of an organization’s Odoo open-source ERP system. Odoo specialists can customize Odoo by adding new fields or by developing an entirely new module or functionality.

The Most Common Odoo ERP Modules For Which You Will Need To Hire An Odoo Developer

The core premise of Odoo is to empower the client’s journey. Odoo’s flexible architecture is one of the features that sets it apart from competing for ERP software. There are various key modules and apps available, allowing customers to choose and select only the apps that are most important to their business. However, these modules need the assistance of a professional. An Odoo expert knows how to bring all your data under one roof by utilizing the power of Odoo. Below, we’ve covered the most popular Odoo ERP modules for which you’ll need expert assistance.

Odoo Accounting

The accounting feature links to your bank or PayPal account directly, and transactions are synced every hour. This module makes it easier to create and send invoices, analyze your financial condition, and monitor your workers’ costs, among other things. If you hire an Odoo developer you will be able to integrate and customize Odoo accounting properly. This is necessary in order to correctly identify our needs. During the installation and post-launch phase, their assistance is essential. You can take advantage of the cost savings of Ksolves compliant finance and accounting services by outsourcing bookkeeping from us.

Odoo Website

The Odoo Websites app makes it easy to create and manage an online store while giving customers the best possible buying experience. This module allows you to monitor and specify payment conditions, as well as design product promotions. You may also use it to set up a live chat to respond to consumer questions in real-time. As the top Odoo developer, Ksolves knows how to design completely functional apps that are tailored to your company’s needs in minutes. 

Our designers create unique websites that are search engine friendly and meet your company’s demands while staying within your budget. We are skilled in bringing your ideas to life and creating an adaptable web design that is easy to navigate on any device. We give the highest quality fluid navigation with clear readability and multiple button sizes for different devices when building such sites, reducing the need for superfluous table form.

Odoo Inventory

Odoo Inventory is a warehouse management system and inventory software in one, with an efficient barcode scanner app. By automating inventory transactions and boosting transparency in all company activities, the inventory management module helps you to save processing time. It automates purchases and supports manufacturing operations and the supply chain by setting rules for made-to-order items, minimum stock, and the primary production plan. 

It organizes the warehouse efficiently, managing shipment details, purchases order proposals based on inventory forecasts, tracks product expiration, and creates custom barcodes. Though Odoo inventory setup is simple, it does come with certain hurdles, such as difficulties setting up replenishment processes and configuring additional features that are valuable to your organization. In such an instance, professional help comes as a savior.

Odoo Sales

A true Odoo specialist will be able to manage your sales funnel from lead to customer quickly and will help you to create an environment that will benefit you on a regular basis. They set up an efficient system that allows your team to effortlessly generate, qualify, and close opportunities throughout the sales cycle. Odoo is a CRM platform as well and helps you to keep in touch with consumers by scheduling actions such as calls, meetings, and much more. 

With an electronic signature, the sales module streamlines discussions by allowing consumers to evaluate and sign estimates online. Odoo Sales improves communications by allowing users to receive customized alerts for a specific activity and keeping comprehensive records of deals automatically.

Connect With The Best Odoo Partner To Assist Your Business

It is feasible to hire an Odoo developer to help you set up the Odoo software. If you are looking to take the next step in the adoption of Odoo ERP and project-demanding adaptations for your organization, Ksolves is here to help. Ksolves is an Odoo specialist with the finest project management strategy for implementing Odoo and increasing productivity in businesses. For a long time, we have specialized in the integration of company management software. We can develop a unique process to achieve your objective by studying and executing numerous industries. Our top Odoo developers will interpret your specifications and business requirements in order to fit them into the solution. We promise a 100 percent adaptation curve for your partners to the new system, resulting in a more efficient and productive firm.

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