Difference Between Odoo Dashboard and Dashboard Ninja with AI



November 29, 2023

Difference Between Odoo Dashboard and Dashboard Ninja with AI

In the ever-evolving landscape of business applications, Odoo stands out as a comprehensive suite that has been shaping the digital transformation of companies for nearly two decades. Over time, a myriad of applications has emerged within this suite and each one has come up with diverse functionalities. In the bustling world of Odoo Dashboard Apps, Dashboard Ninja by Ksolves is making waves like never before. It’s not just an app; it’s a real game-changer in the Odoo store and creating a buzz that is hard to ignore.  It is one of the top selling apps on the Odoo store and known for its gamut of outstanding features for dashboard.

Here in this blog we are going to talk about the key difference between Odoo Dashboard and Dashboard Ninja with AI.

What is an Odoo Dashboard?

The Dashboard Module of the Odoo Platform provides all your important company information at one place within the Odoo. In other words, it provides a comprehensive overview of key performance indicators, reports, and data relevant to various aspects of a company’s operations on one screen. Users can customize and configure the dashboard to display information such as sales, inventory, financial metrics, and more to provide a real-time snapshot of the business’s performance.

About Dashboard Ninja with AI

Dashboard Ninja with AI also allows users to create visually appealing and informative dashboards but with more enhanced features. It enables users to display the comprehensive business overviews by presenting key performance indicators, reports, and relevant data on a single screen within the Odoo platform.

Dashboard Ninja with AI is a user-friendly Odoo dashboard app developed by Ksolves Odoo experts. This app provides easy customization for Odoo users that enables them to create attractive and appealing dashboards without the need for coding. The app comes with 17 impressives visualizations options that allow users to design interactive, visually stunning dashboards that provide a comprehensive view of their business from various angles. With Dashboard Ninja with AI, users can efficiently generate outstanding reports in less time and gain better insights into their business performance.

Key Features of Odoo Dashboard and Dashboard Ninja with AI

Here, we’ll break down the features to illustrate the differences between Odoo Dashboard  vs. Dashboard Ninja with AI. Let’s delve into the specifics of what sets each apart.

  • Custom Dashboard 

With Odoo Dashboard, you can create custom dashboards for your data. In Odoo dashboard, businesses can craft personalized dashboards tailored to their unique needs. The user-friendly interface allows effortless drag-and-drop customization of widgets that enable the design of a distinctive dashboard layout. Users can resize widgets according to their preferences and select from a variety of options to display the specific information they require.

On other hand, Dashboard Ninja with AI stands out with its remarkably intuitive drag-and-drop interface that allows users to effortlessly personalize their dashboards. Through a simple process of dragging and dropping diverse components like graphs, charts, and KPIs, users can craft layouts that perfectly suit their specific needs. Dashboard Ninja with AI takes it a step further by allowing you to personalize dashboard items by providing fully configurable Dynamic Dashboards with animated charts for your different departments. It also offers 5 predefined dashboards for different business verticals including Sales, CRM, Account, Inventory, and POS. You can customize these dashboards effortlessly to align with your specific requirements and optimize them according to your business needs.

  • Graphs/Charts visualization

When it comes to crafting insightful reports through a dashboard, the choice of charts plays a pivotal role in presenting data effectively. The Odoo Dashboard offers different chart options such as pie charts, bar charts, and line graphs for report creation.

However, Dashboard Ninja with AI takes it up a notch by introducing 17 impressive dashboard items for easy business data interpretation. These charts are completely different from each other and provide an attractive visual experience. It  includes Tiles, Line Chart, List View, Bar Chart, Horizontal Bar Chart, Area Chart, To-do Item, Polar Area Chart, Pie Chart, Doughnut Charts and many more. This expanded range of options allow users to showcase their business data in a more engaging and informative format.

  • Visual Appeal and Design Options

Odoo dashboard offers users a diverse selection of background options to enhance their dashboard aesthetics. From solid colors and gradients to personalized photos, users can craft visually appealing dashboards that effectively represent their brand.

On the other hand, Dashboard Ninja with AI comes with a wide range of beautiful, interactive, and outstanding multi-colored themes that improvise the overall design and user experience of your dashboard. The tool offers a rich array of customization features with a wide range of  customizable dashboard Tile options for font styles, colors, icons, and background colors that enable users to create visually appealing and attractive dashboards. Moreover, Dashboard Ninja goes beyond by providing six predefined layouts for tile which add an extra layer of versatility to the customization process. This comprehensive set of features makes Dashboard Ninja the ultimate tool for tailoring data with precision and presenting it in a way that best aligns with users’ preferences and business requirements. The app gives you the freedom to customize your dashboard layout by resizing, dragging, repositioning items, and renaming the heading to arrange everything as per your preferences.

  • Filters Options

Odoo Dashboard offers a filter feature that allows you to efficiently organize your business data. This feature not only enables you to sort and streamline information on your Odoo dashboard but also provides flexible time and date filter options to enhance overall visibility.  Odoo dashboard introduces better dashboard filters that allow users to refine data in individual widgets. Whether it’s by date, product category, or client segment, these filters make it simple to access the right information quickly by eliminating the need of sorting through irrelevant data.

On the other side, if we talk about Dashboard Ninja With AI you will get different custom filters to refine your data on various factors that includes:-

  • Advanced Date Filter 

With an advanced date filter, you can represent your data in a timely manner over a specific timeframe by using the date filter option. Users can choose from a range of 20 predefined date filters, such as Last 7 days, Last 30 days, Last 90 days, and more. Alternatively, they can opt for a custom date selection for personalized reporting.

  • Data Filtration – Group By, Limit & Sort By

This feature enables the user to refine their data presentation by incorporating Group By, Sort By, Limit, and filter conditions. With these customizable options, users have the flexibility to shape each dashboard item according to your specific preferences and requirements.

  • Unique User ID (%UID)

By utilizing the %UID in the domain filter, users can effortlessly filter and view results specifically related  to the currently logged-in user’s data.

  • Authentic %MYCOMPANY Filter

This functionality enables users to obtain company-specific details by employing a dynamic filter that filters the data based on the logged-in user.

  • View Records

In the updated Odoo 16 dashboard, a “Recently Viewed” section provides quick access to recently accessed records. This feature is highly beneficial for those users who need to refer back to recent data while eliminating the need for manual searches and promoting efficiency by providing quick and effortless access to relevant information.

Dashboard Ninja’s provide a “Real-Time Streaming Dashboard” feature that elevates user experience by providing continuous real-time data updates. It offers a comprehensive 360-degree view of business performance. This automatic update feature eliminates the hassle of manual updates and makes sure if any backend changes happen then it will be reflected in real-time. Users also have the flexibility to set specific intervals for data updates to stay well-informed and make timely decisions which enhance overall business performance.

Unique Features Which Sets Dashboard Ninja Apart in the Odoo Dashboard Landscape

Dashboard Ninja with AI provides exclusive features that you can only access through this platform. These include:

  • Generate Complete Dashboard With AI

Dashboard Ninja with AI enables the users to generate personalized dashboard elements by using advanced AI. By specifying your model of interest, the algorithm will design customized dashboard items that saves time and ensures the user will get the right items on the dashboard according to their  unique business needs. This remarkable feature guarantees that users receive precisely what they need for an optimal dashboard experience.

  • Generate Keyword-Focused Dashboard Items With AI

Now, users can craft keyword-centric dashboard items using AI’s unique feature. Users simply input the keyword and AI will generate customized dashboard elements within a seconds. This will streamline the process for quick and efficient customization.

  • Generate Items With AI

Create multiple dashboard items easily with AI. Choose from a variety of charts and graphs, and save them with ease.

  • Download Dashboard Items (Excel, CSV, PDF, PNG)

The Dashboard Ninja with AI  facilitates the users to download the dashboard items in different formats including Excel, CSV, PDF and PNG. It proves highly beneficial especially when it comes to showcasing information in offline presentations, seminars, or emails. This feature makes it easy for users to share and present data outside of the online dashboard. It ensures a smooth transition from the digital dashboard to offline scenarios to improve the overall user experience.

  •  Export & Import Dashboards Or Specific Dashboard Items

Dashboard Ninja with AI app provides a flexibility to export either the entire dashboard or specific dashboard items to the same system or different Odoo instances. This option proves invaluable in terms of saving both time and effort  that users put during the migration process from one system to another.

  •  Duplicate/Move Dashboard

In case a user has accidentally created any dashboard item in the wrong dashboard then there’s no need to worry. The app allows the user to effortlessly duplicate or move it to the correct dashboard by utilizing the Duplicate/Move option.

  •  Drill Down/Drill Up

This feature allows users to adjust the level of detail displayed in a dashboard entity. They can access specific data through drill-down, or broaden the view for a more comprehensive understanding by drilling up.


In conclusion, both Odoo Dashboard and Dashboard Ninja with AI offer customizable dashboards for business insights with different features. However, Dashboard Ninja with AI stands out with its unique features including Generate Items With AI, Generate Complete Dashboard With AI, Drill Down/Drill Up, Export & Import Dashboards Or Specific Dashboard Items, Duplicate/ Move Dashboard and more. Dashboard Ninja with AI goes beyond aesthetics that focus on user-friendly customization and dynamic data presentation to provide a powerful tool for businesses seeking a visually stunning and functionally robust dashboard solution in the Odoo ecosystem.

Ksolves is one of trusted IT Company engaged in developing top-tier Odoo apps designed for seamless 3rd party integration. Whether you have questions, concerns, or require support for your Odoo Apps, our Odoo experts are readily available to assist you. Additionally, we specialize in delivering the finest Odoo ERP customization, implementation, and technical support services. Feel free to reach out to us at any time for all your Odoo-related needs. Your satisfaction is our priority.

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