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October 29, 2020


When it comes to machine learning, it is an aspect that entirely relies on the advancements and progress in the existing applications, methodologies, and products. Machine Learning has extended its arms from software to automobiles and even healthcare. Machine learning has covered nearly all aspects of human life. With the advancement in technology, people are performing their daily tasks without any hassle. Through machine learning, users are automating their life and becoming independent and self-sufficient day by day.

As we know that machine learning is the methodology dependent on Artificial Intelligence, these systems help analyze the operations and data concerning multiple organization modules. We are witnessing the gradual development in technology, and because of this, there are vast areas that are yet to be explored. Aspects of automation are remaining unattached with AI, such as driverless cars and chef-less food. Many tech giants like Apple, Tesla, and Google have deployed AI-driven robots on their campus, which is developed and engineered by them for testing purposes.

Artificial Intelligence in ERP

As we understand that Enterprise and Resource Planning Software is an endless source for data flow, and because of significant operations in the data analysis, users can take action on them. The chief function is to provide seamless integration across modules, businesses, and different management operations. As an added advantage, predictive algorithms and fuzzy logics are integrated with machine learning. With the help of methodological operation software, the user can quickly analyze the present data and suggest the desirable solution for the operation, which will benefit the company in multiple aspects.

Artificial Intelligence and Odoo

When it comes to Odoo, it is considered the best ERP, and it has an extra advantage of AI and its operations. As Odoo ERP operates from a single platform, it can customize the functions as per business requirements. When machine learning is connected with the Odoo platform, it can efficiently work on the previous data to a great extent as Odoo collects a significant amount of data from the backend. This will help the machine learning software to analyze the Odoo functionalities to a broader level.

Odoo and AI Benefits


If we look into the retail business scenario, the efficiency is determined by sales and profit in a specific period. Due to AI in Odoo, the users will keep track of sales, refunds, and wastage. With the help of Artificial Intelligence, the user will be able to keep track of the operations, wastages, salaries, and sales. The AI software will identify the redundant data, bogus sales, and salespeople to execute their strategy to improve their efficiency.

Use of Advanced Analytics 

Analytics is the best thing that can be provided to an organization to improve efficiency. For a user, collecting analytics is one of the complicated and time-consuming tasks. With the help of AI and Odoo Apps integration, users can get maximum productivity to the company. Machine Learning in Odoo can analyze the available data and predict the conditions based on the previous data. AI methodology provides exact predictions that will be helpful in Odoo to achieve desired business goals.

Data Prediction

Data prediction is an essential component of any business. To achieve desirable goals for sales and marketing, data prediction plays a significant role. With data prediction, users can work on plans by checking the past and working on the present data. Data prediction is a vital component that helps the company to project the upcoming sales. In Odoo, AI will empower the functionalities to support the end-users in the seamless integration of multiple modules to fetch desirable results.


Artificial Intelligence advancements are providing the end to end support to the ERP users. Odoo has been working profoundly to integrate the multiple modules. With the help of Artificial Intelligence, Odoo will be able to provide the best solutions to the users and through which users can work on basic aspects like predictive analysis and analytics.

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