Sales and CRM in Odoo 14



November 5, 2020

Sales and CRM in Odoo 14

When it comes to CRM and Sales Management, they are considered an essential part of the organization. Attractive sales and marketing patterns and effective customer service are the main essences of an organization. With the help of Odoo, organizations can manage sales and CRM patterns with utmost sincerity. The best thing about Odoo is its multifunctional approach, and organizations fulfill their sales and CRM related requirements with the help of Odoo’s functional and seamless approach.

Odoo CRM

For automation of CRM related tasks, Odoo CRM is considered one of the best and self-sufficient customer relationship management ERP that leads to better business and growth. In the below snippet, the structure of CRM is shown. In my pipeline section, the new and qualified are shown. The user can easily create/generate leads according to the user’s requirements and sort them according to filter, groups, and favorites.

The number of leads and opportunities are shown in the Odoo CRM Dashboard, which helps the sales team figure out the upcoming options with whom the company can do business. According to their status, prospects and leads can be changed and placed in various stages. Color coordination helps the user decide the winning percentage that could be given to every opportunity to help the user in many aspects.

With the various views like calendar view, cohort view, and dashboard view, Kanban view, graph view, and pivot view the user can see and organize the seamless approach. Through these views, the platform helps users view and fetch the reports in a classified manner. The users can generate reports as per the system’s requirements. There is complete functionality to create a contact form in the CRM module for potential clients. From the opportunity panel, the users can create customers and create customers; the user has to go to the customer field and select “create” to add a new customer. This will directly take you to the customer form page to fill in the other details and save the customer record. From the below reference image, you can see the creation window to quickly provide the customer’s details and save it for further reference.

Odoo 14 Contribution to Sales Module 

Sales is considered one of the best modules for any organization. Revenues and profits are automatically generated when the sales module is managed in the organization. The newly developed sales module in Odoo v14 is the best solution for all factors of the sales operations required to run an organization smoothly. In the Odoo ERP, the user can easily create the sales quotations according to the customer’s requirements, and demands could be forwarded to the customer through email. The quotation template functionality in Odoo 14 helps the user to save the sales templates for future reference. Every sale can be allotted according to the payment method and taxes with the sale to the customer. The new sales quotation creation is shown in the below image. To customize a sales quotation, the user can easily select the quotations in the sales module, as shown in the image below.

There is a provision to add and manage the operations of different sales teams in the Odoo platform. As you can see in the image given below, the sales team’s information is added to the company. The user can easily view the number of quotations, invoices generated, revenue, and commodities sold.

When it comes to reporting, it is way beyond the existing platforms. Odoo ERP helps the user to generate analytics reports in different views. The user can quickly sort and group the report according to multiple available parameters in the Odoo ERP. There are different measurement parameters listed in the ERP platform through which the user can choose to generate numerous financial and general reports in sales.


As discussed above, Odoo ERP and Sales modules are considered as the best modules that fit entirely according to the user’s requirements. The operational module of the Odoo platform with the Odoo 14 version brings the advancement of operation and ease of access in your industry.

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