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November 2, 2022

Odoo 16 Manufacturing Module

With each version every year, Odoo is improving and moving forward with its upgraded functionalities. Odoo 16 is the newest version of Odoo ERP which is helping businesses worldwide.

If you are running a manufacturing industry, be it cloth manufacturing, footwear manufacturing, furniture manufacturing, or any other, the all-new Odoo 16 manufacturing module is for you.

Before moving further, let’s discuss why Odoo’s Manufacturing Module is essential for any manufacturing industry.

Why Odoo’s Manufacturing Module is Essential

Odoo Manufacturing ERP is a combination of many Odoo modules such as Manufacturing, Quality, Maintenance, MRP, PLM, and so on.

Manufacturing and MRP are important components of Manufacturing ERP. Odoo ERP provides numerous tools to help with production. Businesses value total control over workstations and swift control over order processing and this is where Odoo 16 Manufacturing Module comes in.

Let’s discover with this blog the new and expected features of the Odoo 16 manufacturing module.

The Odoo 16 MRP Features

  • Manufacturing orders can now be divided and merged.
  • The allocation report is now in manufacturing; if a link is included to the sales order, clients may view the progress of their manufacturing order in the customer portal at any time.

  • Manufacturing worksheets will be available in the MRP module to assist users in completing operations, processes, and quality checks.
  • Subcontracting allows the subcontractor to track production.
  • Production planning and scheduling will assist you in defining a sequence for your operations—which manufacturing orders must be completed sequentially and which should operate parallelly.

The Role Of Odoo Manufacturing Integration

What is the role of Odoo Integration in Manufacturing ERP? Manufacturing ERP combines maintenance, PLM, and quality components.

Let’s understand them one by one.

  • Maintenance

The maintenance module assists in the effective management of maintenance tasks. Integration with the Manufacturing module seamlessly handles preventative and corrective maintenance.

Odoo 16’s Manufacturing Module provides rapid request tracking assistance. Furthermore, enhanced Kanban and calendar displays enable users to properly track all actions.

Odoo manufacturing integration makes it easy to create maintenance requests from the work center. A dashboard is also available for users to assess the efficiency of the equipment.

Odoo 16 Manufacturing now has the ability to merge and divide manufacturing orders. It categorizes the production orders and automatically integrates them. A user can conduct the process manually without disrupting merging activities.

  • PLM (Product Lifecycle Management)

All manufacturing organizations require several engineering processes to perform their activities. PLM is a tool that aids in the management of numerous technical modifications.

Odoo PLM connection with manufacturing provides continual communication about modifications and social network development. At the work center, Odoo help sends information and creates alarms. Users may also connect papers or drawings to the PLM and manage document versions.

Odoo also assists businesses in synchronizing multiple divisions in order to keep track of changes. Manufacturing ERP in Odoo 16 is a powerful tool for managing, scheduling, controlling, and reporting activities.

  • Ensure High Quality

Quality assurance is supported by Odoo 16 Manufacturing ERP. The quality function assists businesses in establishing quality control points. You may also regulate product quality by providing quality warnings.

Manufacturing ERP aids in the approval of production parts and statistical process control. Furthermore, it helps in the investigation of process failure modes and impacts.

What is the Significance of Odoo 16 Manufacturing Module

Odoo is a complete ERP solution that covers all business processes. Odoo Manufacturing is a tool that efficiently helps manufacturers:

  • Planning in real-time
  • Manufacturing Order changes
  • Management of unbilled orders
  • Making a repair order
  • Support for barcodes
  • Manufacturing strategy
  • Management of labor center capacity

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Frequently Asked Questions

1. What exactly is the manufacturing module in Odoo 16?

Odoo 16 Manufacturing Module allows end users to create a manufacturing order for a product, pass it through various phases of a manufacturing line, and conclude production.

2. Is Odoo suitable for manufacturing?

The Odoo Manufacturing ERP Software assists the end-user in managing the complexity of production, such as managing bills of materials, planning manufacturing orders, and tracking work orders, among other things.

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