The Role Of Big Data consulting In Smart Future-proof Planning For Omicron Variant

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January 7, 2022

Big data consulting

The effective rollout of COVID-19 vaccines worldwide is the best that could happen during this time of pandemic, preventing life-threatening illness, deaths across all parts of the world, long-term aftereffects from the virus, and laying out steps towards economic recovery. However, the recent development of the new and highly mutated version of Covid 19 ‘The Omicron variant’ has raised feelings of fear and confusion that the current vaccines may not be as effective as they were for the previous variants. 

But the best part is all major tech giants of the world know what to do and are exactly on the right track. Well, many big pharma companies are using big data to fight the deadly Omicron variant. As a Big data consulting company, it is our duty and responsibility to tell you how big data is going to provide you with future-proof planning for Omicron.

Bringing Big data  consulting service to Omicron fight

We all know that the virus behind Covid-19, SARS, is also responsible for many other more deadly Coronaviruses. However, our generation has been really lucky that it was the less hazardous virus yet more infectious as compared to the other contagious members from this family that caused the pandemic. The events that empower these infections to begin contaminating and spreading like a wildfire among people keep on happening constantly, and it’s surely going to return until we find some permanent cure. 

Well, we are still very far away from finding any concrete cure to control the spread of the COVID-19 pandemic. The world waits anxiously to know the possible effects of Omicron. One thing is for sure that we still have to do more to counter the deadly diseases regardless of whether they are just variant forms of the pathogens or the next pandemic. 

Many big data Pharma companies are developing their own frameworks, and over the most recent years, that has accelerated up. They are all sucking  out the data and making some amazing decisions. Big data, AI and Machine Learning are utilized to better understand evolution.

Antigen design to more effective vaccines

Innovations and advancement in technology like big data can provide us with the right tools to react to pathogens. Ksolves as a big data consulting company is adamant to provide every support to all the pharma companies. 

In recent years, research for the vaccines has revolved around the development of better and safer delivery systems, such as viral vectors, DNA and mRNA-based vaccines. An effective vaccine depends on effectively presenting data about a pathogen to the immune system. However, even if a vaccine has a highly effective delivery system, it will be  worthless if the immune cells of your body and antibodies cannot identify the pathogen that circulates and causes disease. 

Creating Universal Vaccines

The only solution we have right now is to develop universal, future-proof vaccines which can provide protection on a broader level. These vaccines can protect not only against the variants that exist now, but also those that are likely to emerge in the coming future, as well as pathogens that are closely related.

The biggest challenge in achieving this is the identification of an antigen that captures current and emerging pathogens. This is a difficult task, but advancement in technologies including genomics, proteomics and Big data are offering unprecedented insights into how to design antigens for universal, future-proof vaccines that will be effective even for the coming pathogens.

Many researchers, start-ups, big pharma companies and biotech are handling this issue, making use of big-data to understand coming evolutions in vaccines and the ways to represent diversity in vaccine antigens.

Sifting the biological data to get insights about the most appropriate antigens is a task done best by Big data. Big data can analyze large and varied datasets to find critical pieces of proteins in pathogens that are either highly variable or highly conserved.

Big data designed vaccines have the potential to create universal, future-proof solutions that will be effective across a family of closely related pathogens.

Ksolves Big data  consulting services

The times are tough and the solutions are limited. However, smart antigen designs to develop future-proof vaccines will surely help us in protecting the world from this virus and many more that are going to come and reduce the chances of another pandemic so severe. Ksolves is doing their bit in this fight against the Omicron variant by offering our Big data development services. Ksolves is the leading consulting and development company across the globe. Our highly efficient team of Big data developers will help you in getting everything you need to save humanity. If you are looking for more Big data consulting services, write to us in the comments below. 


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