What You Need To Know About The 5 Vs of Big Data?

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May 24, 2021

5 Vs of Big Data

When you think about Big Data, a large amount of data files will cross your mind. Data that might have terabytes and even petabytes as its unit. However, there is much more to understand in the broad term ‘Big Data.’ Big Data service involves innumerable practices and solutions adapted by companies to store, manage, access, and use the data effectively. However, what exactly is Big Data, and how can you determine that your data has now become Big Data? 

Well to answer that, you need to get under the skin of Big Data and its transformation. So, let’s begin!

What is Big Data?

The literal meaning of the term ‘Big Data’ denotes a large quantity of data. Apart from an inflow of lots of data, Big Data is a sea of opportunities for companies to drive customized solutions and generate more sales. If Big Data is appropriately stored, managed, accessed, and retrieved, it would be a huge help for you. 

Big data is a branch of data science that deals with enormous amounts of data while breaking them down and deriving insights from them. These datasets are often complex, so the Big Data Consulting Services should be customized to perfection. 

Another question arises, how will you determine that your data has become Big Data? In order to answer this question, let’s explore the 5 Vs of Big Data!

5 Vs Of Big Data

The characteristics of Big Data, popularly known as 5 Vs, defines the transformation of ‘Data’ into ‘Big Data.’ These 5 Vs can simultaneously be called as the Big Data issues which require proper redressal with the help of Big Data Consulting Services. Here are the 5 Vs of Big Data for you. 


The rate at which data is injected into the database is known as the velocity of the data. Consider social media platforms like Facebook, Twitter, or Instagram. Billions of users post high-quality content(photos, videos, etc) every second of the day. This is the velocity of data inflow on social media platforms. Now, when the velocity starts increasing, Data handling issues start to arise. Moreover, this increase in velocity is the first sign of entering the Big Data stage. 

You require appropriate Big Data Service like Apache NiFi to automate the data flow and extract the insights. 

2. Volume

The quantity of data received and transmitted by the business organizations represents the volume of the Big Data. If you consider a data streaming platform like Netflix, the data will keep on stacking at the platform with time. In other words, that’s what they promise their customers. In order to tackle the large volume of data, you need appropriate Big Data service solutions for your business. 

You require modern BI tools to store and manage the high volume of Big Data. Apart from that, real-time data processing should be your priority to handle this volume. 

3. Value

Not every set of data holds the same value! So, what’s the point in stacking up a pile of data with half of it holding no value at all? This is where the value of Big Data slips in and enhances the quality of your content. Most of the data you store in a database has no value until data scientists can extract solutions out of it, which represents the value. 

Appropriate solutions like Apache Kafka and others in the mix will help you out in getting the best out of the Big Data you have. 

4. Variety

You will surely come across different varieties of data while handling Big Data. The three varieties you will encounter are structured, unstructured, and semi-structured data. The variety basically depends on the length and format of the data. Now, the issue arises when you need to manage all the varieties at the same time. 

Considering a Big Data service that is capable of handling, storing, accessing, and processing all the varieties will be a boon to have. 

5. Veracity 

The last but not the least V of Big Data analytics, Veracity, represents the inconsistency of the data. Just imagine, when you have a lot to manage, things will surely be messy. Veracity will prevent you to present the quality content in front of the customers. Eventually, you might lose the customers with the mess you have. 

Therefore, Big Data Consulting Companies will help you out in sorting the data and filtering it according to the quality required by the audience. 


The 5 Vs of Big Data perfectly lay out the explanation of the term. These characteristics are signs pointing out that your data has entered the stage of Big Data. They play a huge role in raising the Big Data issues for your company. However, Big Data Consulting would be a prominent solution to bail yourself out.  

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