What’s New with iOS 14: Everything You Need to Know



February 15, 2021

What’s New with iOS 14

Smartphones have become a staple of our lives in the past few years. It has made life convenient in many different ways, changing the technological landscape completely. No other brand has defined this statement more than Apple. The brand has kept evolving itself to cater the growing need and experience of its users. Let’s find out what’s new with iOS 14.

What’s new with iOS 14?

The iOS 14 was announced by Apple back in June. It was released in September of this year. The iOS 14 is considered to be one of the best updates rolled out by Apple due to the variety of iOS 14 update features. These new features undoubtedly have added to the overall value and experience of iOS for its users.

The remarkable thing about iOS 14 is that it has improved existing interfaces and applications while adding new features too. It has addressed the needs of its user base with this update, especially regarding certain specific concerns. The answer to the question of what’s new with iOS 14 is simple; it has added amazing new features and also, improved upon the existing ones to give a better user experience overall.

iOS 14 Update and Features

ios updates and features

Many changes come along with the update to iOS 14. The number of features is quite extensive. Here are some of the prominent iOS 14 update features:-

  1. Home screen: – With the update of iOS 14, comes a redesigned home screen that now lets you add widgets. Now you can drag the widgets on the home screen and place them there in varying sizes of your choice. Another mentionable thing is the Smart Stack feature. This feature uses the device intelligence to show widgets at the right time and the right place on the home screen itself based on location, time, or day. A new feature also enables the developers to create a new API that lets them utilize the re-imagined widgets; it can be placed on the home screen and shown at the right time.
  1. App Library: – This new feature of App Library will let the user see all of their apps in one place at a glance. There is an option of search available here to make it easier for the user to find apps. The apps will be organized together in a folder, sorted alphabetically; new apps will appear in the App Library directly after download, and there is also a folder of suggested apps. This is convenient for the users to have all the apps sorted out in one folder that can be customized to suit user utility.
  1. Compact UI: – In the iOS 14 update features, the design of UI is compact. This applies to phone calls, FaceTime, Siri, and VoIP calls. To better explain this feature, let’s take Siri, for example. The user will have access to refer to information on screen while continuing with the ongoing tasks. The process of the task in Siri can be seen at the bottom of the screen, and once the request is completed by Siri, it pops up at the top on your home screen like a notification. The ongoing function doesn’t need to break because of this new compact UI design.
  1. Picture-in-Picture: – The function of Picture-in-Picture is something most of the users wanted in the iOS update. Now when watching a video in an app, if you swipe back to the home screen, the video continues playing on the home screen. The user can move the video around and adjust its size according to their necessity. Though the feature works only in apps that support this Picture-in-Picture feature, it depends on the developer.
  1. Maps: – One of the prominent features of this update is the improvement of maps on iPhones. Maps now include different routes for different modes of transportation, for example, cycle-friendly areas and cycle path routes for cyclists. There are also places to visit recommendations available now so the maps can be used as guides. In some major cities, congestion zones are recognized, and the alternative route can be set, possibly reducing the commuting time. Locations all around the world are getting a detailed overview of the place, including public and private spaces; more countries are set to be included in this detailing.
  1. Memoji: – iOS 14 will have an array of new memojis and features. New memoji’s like a hug, blush, fist bump, etc have been added. One can customize the memoji to fit their ideas by using the new hairstyles, headwear, expressions, different ages, and more options that are a part of iOS 14 update features. 


Apple has made plenty of improvements to the existing features and applications in this update. The new features of iOS 14 have a better flow to the interface for a user-friendly experience, and there is an increase in the level of security for the devices. For iOS app experts visit Ksolves.

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