iOS 14 Apple Carplay: The Brand New Apple CarPlay Features



February 11, 2021

new apple carplay features

iOS Apple Carplay has become better. It works smoothly, and offers robust improvements that will delight users. If your car supports Carplay and you use iOS 14, bingo! You can easily link the iPhone to the car and use a wide array of apps like navigation, music-streaming, etc through dashboard display. So what are the new apple Carplay features? Let’s have a look.

Top Features Of Apple Carplay iOS 14

Top Features Of Apple Carplay iOS 14

1. New Categories of Applications

Previously, Carplay only used to support a limited number of applications. iOS 14 provides support to new app categories to reflect the demands of modern times. One can view parking apps, EV charging stations, access food delivery apps, and much more. 

2. Wallpaper Support

Although this feature doesn’t matter much, CarPlay in iOS 14 has introduced background wallpaper support. This implies that a user doesn’t have to stare at the default CaPlay black wallpaper anymore. He/she can opt for one of the preloaded wallpapers in iOS 14. Unfortunately, it is still not possible to set an image of the user’s choice as the background of Carplay UI. Apple has wrapped five CarPlay wallpapers in iOS 14 whose appearance can be altered based on the dark/light theme. 

3. Improvements In Siri

As Siri has got a whole lot smarter with the iOS 14 update, it means the users will have an improved experience while using Carplay digital assistance. It is possible to send & receive audio messages using Siri to family and friends. ETAs(Estimated Time Of Arrival) can also be shared. Text messages are already sent through Siri and the introduction of audio message features can prove to be very useful.

4. Japanese & Chinese Keyboards

iOS 14 Carplay supports Japanese & Chinese keyboards. It will allow the users using the keyboard to simply search their interests in the navigation apps. This update has been incorporated to expand Apple’s presence in the Asia-Pacific market.

5. Horizontal Status Bar

Users who own a car having a portrait display can have a better app view with a wider layout with Carplay in iOS 14. It is possible to move the status bar to the bottom of the screen.

6. Improved Messaging and VoIP Apps

Powered by the iOS 14 API improvements, all the existing messaging, audio, and VoIP apps offer a much better CarPlay experience. A list of past contacts & conversations can be shown by the VoIP & messaging apps while the audio apps can show creative album arts within the lists.

7. CarKey

This can not be termed as a “true” Carplay feature but it is something related to it. Apple iOS 14 will allow users to utilize iPhones to unlock cars. As one charges the phone with the wireless charger, he/she can start the vehicle by pressing the ignition button. 

While this feature is available in iOS 14, Apple is looking to incorporate it to iOS 13 as well, with a software update.

End Note:

Carplay is very popular amongst iPhone users because it safely & easily accesses the critical functions of their devices when they drive. It is pretty easy to change the music, respond to incoming texts, get directions, etc. In this space, you have learned about the new features of iOS 14 carPlay. As the iOS app development advances, expect more features in iOS 15!

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