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December 15, 2021

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The latest security upgrades 2.4.3-p1 and 2.3.7-p2 for Adobe Commerce and Magento Open Source were released on October 12, 2021. Significant Adobe Commerce security and product updates have been achieved, indicating that the approaching active sales season will be successful. When it comes to future growth and stress-free planning, it is essential to have a strong and secure foundation. Magento, as always, seeks to strike the right balance between delivering product upgrades in the most simple, predictable manner while providing the most desired changes and functionality to merchants. They have changed the way session IDs are handled in these Adobe commerce security-only versions. Also, they prohibited unauthorized users from performing tasks as authorized users. They have also released numerous additional improvements in addition to the major release on October 12th.

Q4 Product Announcements Apart From Adobe Commerce Security Updates

A strong eCommerce site must do more than merely load quickly, convert visitors, and give a positive purchasing experience. It must be adaptable, capable, and simple to use. Adobe Commerce (Magento) is indeed very excellent at this. While some eCommerce systems make it tough to properly manage and make adjustments to your eCommerce sites, Adobe Commerce includes out-of-the-box capabilities that greatly simplify things. It can help you prepare for any crucial circumstance by strengthening your shields.


Aside from above Adobe Commerce security updates,has made a few more Q4 product announcements to improve your Magento experience. The following is a list of Adobe Commerce announcements for various products, apart from Adobe Commerce security updates.

  • Product Recommendations 

In the Q4 release, product recommendations powered by Adobe Sensei have seen a number of enhancements. Businesses that use Adobe Experience Manager or other solutions can now incorporate Adobe Commerce product suggestions into their web pages. The new recommendations also have the capability to highlight recently viewed items as well as strong view-to-purchase and view-to-cart conversion rates. Thus, give merchants new avenues to increase sales. In addition to this, Adobe Commerce now supports B2B sites with customer-specific catalogs and pricing.

  • Live Search 

With this edition of Live Search, powered by Adobe Sensei, there is a reduction in catalogue onboarding and reindexing times. As a consequence, search results will always reflect the most up-to-date product information. Additionally, by combining partial-word search with full-word search, they have increased search relevance. The Live Search reporting capability will handle unique queries, zero results, and customized reports for top products, as promised by Adobe Commerce. This feature will be available later in Q4. 

  • Progressive Web Applications – For Commerce As Well As For Open Source

Say goodbye to spinning wheels for slow-loading pages with the introduction of PWA Studio 12. They have added a new “shimmer” effect that animates the loading parts of your page’s layout. As a result, this will boost user experience by letting shoppers know what to anticipate once the content loads. With this release, they have also included the “Add to Cart” button to the category listing pages. This button will help with conversions and purchase flow. Furthermore, according to Google Lighthouse, PWA Studio 12 is working on boosting best practices and SEO rankings.

  • Payment Services – For Commerce As Well As For Open Source

They have committed to launch Payment Services for Adobe Commerce and Magento Open Source in North America later in Q4. Merchants of all sizes will soon have access to a comprehensive, secure, and simple-to-integrate payment system.

  • Asynchronous Order Processing – Only For Commerce

They have also improved the Adobe Commerce checkout and cart capability to accommodate customers with exponentially bigger size demands. This optional parameter, when properly configured and set up, permits asynchronous order processing. As a result, it will significantly boosts order speed and line items in the cart. Currently in testing, this functionality will be available to the general public in December.

In A Nutshell,

The updated version of Adobe Commerce will improve the security and dependability of your store. This is an excellent way to make your online store more sustainable. Seek assistance from specialists like Ksolves to apply Adobe Commerce security updates to your Magento business with ease.  Since its foundation, Ksolves has been providing exceptional Magento development and upgrade services to organizations of various sizes and geographies. Our Magento development firm uses industry-standard Magento development procedures to provide our customers with speedy and remarkable solutions. To give our clients exceptional outcomes, our Magento development company employs industry-standard Magento development processes. Contact us today for getting assistance from qualified and experienced professionals!

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