Scaling E-Commerce Business With Magento 2 on Kubernetes



July 15, 2022

Scaling E-Commerce Business With Magento 2 on Kubernetes


In the skyrocketing popularity of the e-Commerce world, online shopping has become the number one choice. Many newcomers are looking for the best solutions that offer a high revenue. However, every business idea comes with challenges. The challenges for the e-Commerce market world can begin with questions, ‘how to start?’, ‘how to expand’, & ‘how to do cost-saving?’.

This write-up will discuss the challenges and solutions for SMEs who would like to scale their business online effectively.

Moreover, we will provide insight on running a fast and successful website by deploying Magento 2 on Kubernetes.

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Requirement for Shifting a Physical Shop to Online Store

A user needs a reliable e-Commerce platform for converting its physical shop into an online showroom.

  • Magento

    –An e-Commerce Platform

The e-Commerce business is growing rapidly. People are moving toward renowned e-Commerce platforms for creating an online store. Magento 2 is an open-source platform that allows users to convert their physical store to an online store.

Magento offers multiple e-Commerce features, themes, and third-party integrations, and it is good for search engine optimization. For people who want to begin small and need to scale with time, Magento development services offered by Ksolves are the ideal solution.

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Possible Demands Of Magento 2 Business Users

Every retail business owner wishes to take their business online to connect with the global community. The possible demands of Magento 2 business users can be:

  • Need to convert the online store to a Multi-Vendor Marketplace.
  • Require to improve the Website Performance despite the workload.
  • And, at last need a Cost-Saving Solution for both demands.

Website speed, scalability, and smoothness are must for a successful e-Commerce business. Globally, the online business is expected to reach $6.17 trillion by the year 2023.

In such a fast-paced world, it is important to have a solution that offers a 360-degree view of your e-Commerce business.

Reliable Services and Solutions Provided By Ksolves

Ksolves is a Magento 2 development company. Our experts examine the challenges a business owner faces while putting the brand online and scaling its website.

Here are a few challenges that fall in the way of e-Commerce business owners.

  • Challenge 1: Convert Online Store into A Marketplace

    Convert Online Store into A Marketplace

Many e-Commerce business owners want to convert their online shop into a multi-vendor marketplace, and for that, they require an ideal solution.

Solution 1: Ksolves Magento 2 Multi-Vendor Marketplace

If you need to upgrade your Magento 2 store into a complete online marketplace, integrate Magento 2 Multi-Vendor Marketplace Extension.

The Magento 2 Multi-Vendor Marketplace is the best solution for users who wants to scale their business cost-effectively.

Integrating the Multi-Vendor Marketplace Extension would offer the following features:

  • Customized Separate Seller Portal, similar to the Admin portal
  • Every seller will have their Separate Seller Homepage
  • Next-gen Commission Management with multiple configuration options
  • In the Admin Portal, you have complete control over the marketplace
  • Easily trackable and visible customer listing in the Seller Portal
  • Complete order management can be handled in the Seller Portal

With Ksolves Magento 2 Multi-Vendor Marketplace, you can manage multiple products, vendors, and orders, and customize profile pages easily.

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  • Challenge 2: Improvise Website Performance Despite Workload

As an online e-Commerce business, when you start to grow, your customer base starts increasing too. Sometimes, you might get high traffic on your website which can affect its loading time.

As per the research, 40% of online users, leave a website that has more than 3 seconds of loading time.

Let’s see how Ksolves provides a solution for Magento users to manage the scalability of the website based on the daily traffic.

Solution 2: Deploying Magento 2 on Kubernetes

Magento is one of the most powerful e-commerce systems available. The modular design and extensive set of integrated features, make it easy to customize your e-commerce website. After building a marketplace on Magento 2, it is important to maintain a high customer base without affecting the performance of the website.

Ksolves provided a solution to one of its clients, and that is to run Magento on Kubernetes.

An eCommerce platform is more than just code. Magento requires PHP, Varnish, MySQL, Redis, ElasticSearch, and a few more things. All services must be fine-tuned in terms of size and performance.

When the traffic increases on the website, the performance and load time affects the most. If you need a smooth solution to auto-scale your Magento website, you can take the Ksolves Kubernetes deployment service.

In the upcoming section, we have discussed the business benefits of Kubernetes deployments for your online store.

Business Benefits of Running Magento in Kubernetes

Business Benefits of Running Magento in Kubernetes

First, a quick introduction to Kubernetes:

Kubernetes is an open-source system for managing containerized applications or containers. A container is considered an LVM (lightweight virtual machine).

To create an application, you must first create several containers and then use Kubernetes to monitor those containers.

The benefit of running Magento 2 on Kubernetes is that it can automatically build and expand containers to manage storage based on the requirements.

Ksolves deploy Magento 2 Multi-Vendor Marketplace on Kubernetes for various purposes listed below:

  • Auto-Scaling Website Based on Workload

If you are designing a solution for infrastructure and virtual machines (VMs), Kubernetes could be a better option. Kubernetes optimize resource usage and automatically scale up and down container based on the demand.

It suggests that your website load will be managed based on the daily traffic. Kubernetes will increase and decrease the containers based on the user volume on your Magento store.

Note: For having a scalable Magento Kubernetes environment, you can consult with Ksolves Magento experts.

  • A Cost-effective Solution

The cost of maintaining applications deployed on Kubernetes clusters is incredibly low. Once the cluster is up and running, you should assume your applications to function with little downtime and excellent performance.

Kubernetes’ cost-cutting technique (based on machine learning and real-time monitoring of computer resources) ensures that your applications utilize only the resources (CPU and memory) they require.

  • Run Your Application More Consistently

Running Magento 2 instance on Kubernetes ensures that your application is always up and functioning. It enables you to modify your software without downtime by using rolling updates.

It is also feasible to configure Kubernetes to handle high-availability applications. Moreover, if you use public cloud services, you can achieve extremely high uptime. Thus, the performance of your application would not affect much.

There are many other benefits of running your website on Kubernetes. To get more details about the same, consult with Ksolves experts today.

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The Bottom Line

Building an online store is not about placing products in the right places and giving catchy headlines. It is also about maintaining the performance and load handling of your website.

Having a fully functional Magento 2 Multi-Vendor Marketplace store deployed on Kubernetes will cost-effectively scale your business.

Need to auto-scale your website without affecting its performance? Talk to our experts to find the best solution for your business!

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Frequently Asked Questions

1. Why do we use Kubernetes?

When compared to virtual machines, Kubernetes makes it simple to scale your application. It keeps the code running and accelerates the delivery process. The Kubernetes API enables the automation of many resource management and provisioning activities. Consult Ksolves to get detailed information at +91 8130704295.

2. How to deploy Magento 2 on Kubernetes?

Running your Magento store on Kubernetes technology is a good idea. However, without proper expertise, the task can become daunting. The deployment process includes detailed steps. Connect with Ksolves experts today and scale your online business effectively.

3. Can you build a Multi-Vendor Marketplace?

Yes, using the Magento 2 Multi-Vendor Marketplace extension, you can convert your store into a thriving marketplace. To know more about the extension provided by Ksolves, visit us at Build your business with us!

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