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May 16, 2022

Automobile Business with Odoo


The automobile industry is seeing fast growth in terms of business potential. Many dealerships sprouted up throughout the years to supply high-quality solutions. However, every industry has its own challenges.

Ksolves focuses on industry-based challenges and produces result-oriented solutions. We develop Odoo applications catered to your specific business needs. To know more about how our top-selling Odoo WooCommerce app can help you scale in the automotive industry, keep reading.

Odoo ERP for the Automotive Industry

Businesses in the car industry must automate their procedures to improve automobile sales and deliver timely services to clients for servicing and repair. Automobile Odoo ERP software is the only way to run a firm strategically. It allows workshops and dealerships to operate more effectively and with fewer risks of human mistakes.

Spare parts are excellent merchandise for selling online using well-known eCommerce sites. Whether you are marketing automotive parts for automobiles and other vehicles or electronics components, customers are delighted to buy online without viewing the product in person.

Woocommerce Market Share

WooCommerce for the automobile industry is one of the top chosen platforms for selling and promoting automotive parts. The market share of WooCommerce is 27.67% based on the research. It means that the larger part of the automobile market can use the online platform to increase their business.

Automobile Industry Users’ Data

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The users of the automobile industry are huge as compared to any other industry. 8 out of 10 houses in your neighborhood own at least one vehicle. This shows that the automobile market is quite extensive.

Given below is the chart that represents the market covered by the automobile industry country-wise.

Concluding the Data

Automobile Users

As we can see, the United States is the biggest consumer of automobiles. Therefore, every automobile dealer must be focusing on this area particularly. Every business-minded person always targets the geography where he/she gets the largest customer base.

On the second number, we can see that China holds a 193,132 user base of at least one vehicle. Moreover, Odoo ERP is one of the top-used ERP systems in the manufacturing industry. Thus, if you are maintaining your automobile business using the Odoo ERP, you can gain more customers with Ksolves Odoo Integration Service.

How? By integrating your automobile eCommerce site with Odoo ERP, you can manage day-to-day operations easily. Moreover, if you have developed your automobile site on WooCommerce, our Odoo WooCommerce Connector is what your business is missing. Take a Free Demo now and uncover the hidden parts of growing sales in the automotive industry.

Automobile Industry Worldwide Statistics

For the past few years, the automobile industry has seen a drastic change in its sales. And the scale is definitely on the positive side.

As per the estimated data, the production of light vehicles is expected to be from 2.6 million to 81.6 million units by the end of 2022. In addition, the approx production of automobiles in 2023 is expected to be 88.5 million units.

How can automobile manufacturers and dealers grow?

When the production numbers are expected to be growing, the dealers can increase their sales with the online base. Having the right eCommerce website is extremely important for selling automobile spare parts.

If you are an automotive dealer, selling spare parts for multiple vehicle brands online is beneficial. Many business owners use WooCommerce to manage their online stores. On the other hand, business owners also use Odoo ERP systems to manage their inventory.

Continue reading to get into the details of Ksolves’ top-rated Odoo WooCommerce connector for your dealership business.

Get a grasp on your automobile business with Odoo WooCommerce Connector.

Odoo WooCommerce Connector for Automobile Industry

Let’s begin with a real-life scenario of the automobile business.

An automobile spare parts or vehicle dealer has to manage the inventory on a daily basis. He needs to speed up the orders and maintain the customer data that is secured and long-lasting.

Many times, due to the high rush in the market, the dealer has to face the challenges of fulfilling the customer’s demand. If the product demanded by the customer is out of stock and the inventory is not maintained, the dealer might have to face a great loss.

To bridge the gap between orders and customers, maintaining the automobile online business with Odoo ERP is the smartest decision.

In detail, with WooCommerce Odoo Connector you can synchronize your products, order, customers, and more to keep the data active at both ends. If you get a request on your automobile WooCommerce website, you can check and update the inventory in WooCommerce from the Odoo end only.

Key Features of Odoo WooCommerce Connector

  • Connect Multiple Store

If you own more than one WooCommerce store, you can connect them with a single Odoo database. This way the management of multiple stores’ products, orders, and customers will become easy.

  • Import/Export 

You can import data from WooCommerce to Odoo and export data from Odoo to Export with just one click.

Import: customer, products, coupons, tags, and more.

import data from WooCommerce to Odoo

Export: customers, stocks, images, and more.

export data from Odoo to WooCommerce

  • Informative Dashboard

With an interactive dashboard, you can read the analytics about your automobile sale. You can conclude the predictive analysis based on the products, customers, orders, stocks, and more with our BI dashboard.

The dashboard is valuable when you have to present the stats of your business in front of your investors. Therefore, our WooCommerce connector performs more duties than just bidirectional synchronization.

There are many more outstanding features of our product apart from the above mentioned three. Get a LIVE PREVIEW to learn how to integrate Odoo with WooCommerce.

Increase Automobile Sales With WooCommerce Odoo Integration

The auto sector and the automobile manufacturing process are among the most complicated and large-scale industrial processes.Odoo ERP software integrates a large portion of the manufacturing process.

The production and supply chain can get affected without any integrated software solutions. As the world is moving towards digitalization, it’s time to shift your automobile business online.

Benefits of Odoo WooCommerce Connector

The benefits of Using Odoo WooCommerce Connector For the Automobile Sector are as follows:

Benefits of Odoo WooCommerce Connector

1. Take Control of Customer Journey

  • Increase the effectiveness of sales teams.
  • Improve client satisfaction.
  • Enhance employee involvement.

2. Build Client Base

  • Reach more customers through both channels.
  • Fulfill the client’s demand instantly.
  • Gain full control of customer journey.

3. Advanced Inventory Management

  • Store managers can track warehouses across all locations.
  • Maintain a simplified flow of products using Odoo.
  • Monitor the shipping status of any order.

4. Online Service Management

  • Offer discounts & coupons on your products
  • Stay competitive in the market
  • Boost customer loyalty

5. Accounting Solution That Is Effective

  • Simplifies WooCommerce payments.
  • Create and manage Taxes and credit notes.
  • Manage invoices for sales orders

The Odoo ERP for the automobile industry offers efficient management of the business. Automobile business owners can plan and execute their business by integrating WooCommerce with Odoo.

Are you ready to drive your business at high speed?

Organize your automobile eCommerce with Odoo with the aid of our Odoo integration service. Consult Ksolves’ experts today!

Why do Automotive Business owners opt for WooCommerce and Odoo Solutions?

The major user base of WooCommerce is from the United States with approx 224,421 users. Whereas, the major user base of Odoo in the United States is approx 542 users.

The majority of WooCommerce users are from the automotive retail industry with approx 45719 companies. On the other hand, the user base of Odoo in the automotive retail industry is approx 1933.

automotive business user base

Both WooCommerce and Odoo hold a great position in the market. If you run your business using these two platforms, you can speed up your sales process effectively.

The Check Point

The automobile industry is one of the most handsome and fastest-growing businesses. Whether you are selling automobiles spare parts or marketing your automobile brand, the WooCommerce Odoo Connector will help you smoothen your process.

Need assistance with Odoo WooCommerce Integration? Consult our Odoo experts today!

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Frequently Asked Questions

What are the advantages of utilizing Odoo ERP in the automotive industry?

Using Odoo ERP for your automotive industry can help with Automation, Controlling Quality Effectively, Accurate Forecasting, Improved workforce management, Enhanced productivity, Increased Return on Investment, and Master Data Management.

What are the characteristics of the Odoo WooCommerce Connector?

With Ksolves Odoo WooCommerce Connector you can import and export products, orders, customers, and more. You can create an order from the Odoo end without visiting WooCommerce swiftly. Moreover, you can check your analytics with the interactive beautiful dashboard. To take the Free Demo, visit our website.

Does the automotive industry use ERP?

ERP (Enterprise Resource Planning) is a widely used software. It helps businesses to carry out their business processes smoothly. Automobile Industry is among the ones that use Odoo ERP to manage inventory, sales, and other modules. If you use the WooCommerce Odoo connector, you can scale your business quickly.

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