How to Start an Online Store with Odoo E-commerce Website



January 6, 2021

How to Start an Online Store in 2021 with Odoo Ecommerce

When it comes to an e-commerce website, we always get an impression of a neat website with intuitive AI and excellent functionalities. No one wants to browse a website with odd color themes, random fonts without uniformity, and non-functional tabs. According to research, 60% of the website visitors refuse to return if the website is not responsive. As soon as time shall pass, this percentage will increase because there are more advancements in technology and website design, which will create more competition among the e-commerce stores.

To stay in the market, it is necessary to adopt new technology with best in class marketing strategies so that the user can get the best experience. According to post-pandemic market trends, more users are inclined to shop online rather than in brick and mortar shops. When everything was closed during the lockdown, only eCommerce stores operated with maximum productivity and minimum errors. New features in Odoo 14 are benefitting the users as well as the developers.

With the Odoo e-commerce website module and its sophisticated apps, more users are adopting Odoo in their environment because it is easy to adopt and affordable. All of us have seen that more organizations are going online. It is projected that 2021 will be the year of the e-commerce business.

To begin an online store in 2021, you need to follow some of the pre-requisites by blending some of the current market trends to stand out from the crowd. Let’s go ahead…

Content is the King

It doesn’t matter if you are in 2021 or 2005; content has always been the primary source of information for a website or a mobile application. Whenever a user lands on the website, the first impression he gets is the quality of the content with minimalistic usage of the words. You don’t need long paragraphs to explain your products. You can explain your products and services with the help of infographics and bullets. With the ongoing trends, the content has aligned itself with the graphics, and content writers have started collaborating with graphic designers to provide short and crisp infographics and creative images. Moreover, Odoo has adopted SEO friendly benchmarks that are important for any end-user. Users can now update Meta-title, description, and even the keywords according to the user’s requirements.

Odoo E-commerce Solutions

Since its inception, Odoo has delighted its customers with the functional approach and cross-module integration. Cross module integration is the essence of any e-commerce website because most online platforms work on multiple sales, accounting, manufacturing, and inventory management. When e-commerce websites are developed with Odoo modules’ help, it provides end to end solutions to the users without extra effort. Since its inception, Odoo is gradually formulating itself into a user-friendly ERP. With Odoo 14, Odoo has made some advanced level changes in its e-commerce module by integrating the feedback and suggestions from the users and developers.

Updated Workforce

The most crucial factor that drives the whole organization is the updated workforce. Gone are the days when companies used to hire multiple professionals for multiple roles. With the help of Odoo ERP and the best Odoo Apps, organizations can give multiple responsibilities to a single resource. The best thing about Odoo is that it is easy to operate. A user doesn’t need any certification to implement it. With the help of pre-configured models and extensions, anyone can operate Odoo ERP without any extra effort.

Odoo SEO Features

To facilitate a great SEO service to the users in Odoo Website & Odoo eCommerce, Odoo simplifies the technical complexities associated with SEO & handles a lot of things in the most efficient way. To facilitate quality content-writing & boost the overall traffic, Odoo has a great <keyword> finder. Keywords can be defined as the primary searches that you want to redirect to your website. For each such keyword, you can visualize how it is being utilized in the content and the associated searches in Google.


To begin an e-commerce store, market research and analytics are most important. You need comparative data to easily predict future trends with the help of past and current trends. With Odoo reporting Apps like Dashboard Ninja and Reportmate, you can easily keep a check on your data. We all know that sorted and organized data is considered the basic necessity for a business’s survival. Odoo reporting apps help the user to maintain sorted and neat data.

How does Odoo Offer Improvement In E-commerce Module?

Here is a brief insight into the Odoo tools which can improve the e-commerce sales of any business. 

Cross-selling & Upselling Options

Odoo has cross-selling & upselling capabilities in e-commerce operations.

Wishlist & Product Comparison Tool

A user can configure a simple product comparator as well as the wishlist tools for the e-commerce website.

Promotional & Coupons Programs

Users can define & create promotional/coupon programs in the Odoo point of sale(PoS) operations. It can be easily managed through utilization of designated codes to several customers,who can redeem them during the purchasing of products.

Abandoned Order Follow-ups

This allows for follow-up emails to be delivered to customers.


Technologically speaking, starting an e-commerce store is an easy task. But maintaining and providing it a competitive edge takes time and effort. With the help of the best Odoo Apps and themes, you can easily upgrade your e-commerce store. If you are looking for any e-commerce solution or Odoo related solution, feel free to contact us at


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