Everything You Need To Know About Red Hat OpenShift Container Platform



January 28, 2022

Red Hat OpenShift Container platform

Red Hat has been the center of attraction and a world leader of the container platform. Red Hat helps developers in offering fast and secure ways to containerize and deploy the workloads so that you can have more focus on other important tasks. But, the Red Hat Container platform is much more than what you think. As the Red Hat OpenShift development company, we bring to you everything that you must know about Red Hat OpenShift. 

This blog will focus on a deep understanding of the Red Hat OpenShift container platform. Let’s start. 


What is The Red Hat OpenShift Container Platform?

Red Hat OpenShift is an open-source container orchestration platform designed for enterprises by IBM. It comprises various container technologies like the OpenShift container orchestration software. Red Hat OpenShift combines Kubernetes components with security features and productivity that big enterprises need. 

Red Hat OpenShift Platform PaaS for enterprises that run OpenShift on public cloud or on-premises. It runs on the Red Hat Enterprise Linux (RHEL) operating system. It also functions as a set of Docker-based application containers. 


Key Capabilities of Red Hat OpenShift Container Platform

The major capabilities of the Red Hat OpenShift Platform are helping OpenShift developers worldwide are-

  • Managing multiple clusters- It offers unified management across both on-premises and the cloud and offers a consolidated view of clusters.
  • Scalability- Scale your applications to hundreds of nodes much faster.
  • Storage- Utilise storage to run applications. 
  • Integrated ecosystem- Red Hat OpenShift comprises third-party tools integrated by the Red Hat Community.
  • Portability- Here containers are easily portable. 
  • 3-node clusters- Edge architecture is available so you can leverage the full capabilities of Kubernetes on edge devices.
  • Smooth user interface- You can directly access large command-line tools and multi-device consoles.
  • Multi-lingual support- Multiple languages and databases on a single platform.
  • Integrated CI/CD pipelines- Automated testing reduces the burden of Red Hat OpenShift development and deployment.   


Red Hat OpenShift Platform architecture

Red Hat OpenShift Platform is a Docker-based system that helps developers to easily construct applications. It is a layered system that abstracts the creation of Linux-based container images. Kubernetes handles cluster management and orchestration of containers on multiple hosts.

Red Hat OpenShift Platform has microservices. Some of these are REST APIs and controllers. APIs provide access to core objects. Controllers, on the other hand, perform changes to containerized workloads. These microservices run in the Kubernetes cluster and store object data in etcd.

Now let’s learn how Kubernetes and OpenShift are different from each other.


OpenShift Vs Kubernetes

As a Red Hat OpenShift development company, people often ask us the difference between Kubernetes and OpenShift. Here is an answer to this.

  • Distribution- Kubernetes is an open-source container orchestration platform. Here several vendors provide managed services based on the platform. OpenShift, on the other hand, is based on Kubernetes but is not a Kubernetes distribution. It is different from other Kubernetes distributions as it offers extensions and add-ons.
  • APIs and Integration- OpenShift’s compliance with Kubernetes APIs. This indicates that any applications that can be deployed on Kubernetes can be deployed on OpenShift. The main difference between OpenShift and Kubernetes is the support of different tools and extensions. 
  • Command Line Tools- Kubernetes distributions use kubectl as the primary command-line tool. The OpenShift command line is oc and offers additional features to ease complex tasks. 
  • Operating System Support- Kubernetes runs on any Linux OS. However, OpenShift nodes require Red Hat Enterprise Linux CoreOS. 


Learn more about the Red Hat OpenShift Container Platform? 

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