Employee Management: Not An Issue Anymore!



October 19, 2021

Employee Management Not An Issue Anymore!

Is the ‘Work From Home’ schedule hampering the efficiency of your employees? Well, you are not alone as all the organizations are facing the same issue. Employee Management has turned the performance of companies upside down with improper monitoring and lack of transparency. However, the WFH schedule is here to stay with COVID in no mood to slow things down. So, what should be the process ahead for proper employee management?

Ksolves is a high-end Software Solution and Product Development Company with its roots dating back to more than 10 years. Our solutions have always nudged the core requirements of the company. So, here we are with our top solutions to resolve your employee management issue!

Eliminating Employee Management Issues

Each of Ksolve’s products and software solutions carries a long-term value for companies all around the world. All hail to our team of 350+ developers and architects with a customer-centric approach to remove hurdles at the core! Let’s have a look at some of our major employee management solutions to watch out for.


Kamelsys has been particularly designed as an Employee Management Tool with high-end features like User Activity Monitoring, Single Dashboard UI, Performance And Active Time Report Generation, Auto Screenshot, Web Filtering, Keystroke Logging, and many more! Ksolves is well-known for its attention to minute details, which is why Kamelsys comes with an easy-to-use interface.

You can easily monitor the performance and activities of your employees from the comfort of your home. This award-winning tool has been released on a beta version basis with an intent to optimize on the go. In other words, Kamelsys relies heavily on your valuable feedback to enhance the performance of your own employee management.

Salesforce Development Services

When we talk about employee management, it’s crucial to empower them at the same point! So, what could be a better process to empower your employees other than providing a prominent Salesforce environment? Ksolves with its partnership status with Salesforce offers high-end solutions for businesses all around the world. Starting from Salesforce Migration and Salesforce AppExchange App Development to Salesforce Lightning Development and Cloud Services, we have got all covered for you.

Salesforce will not only empower your employees with unlimited resources but also help you track their performance with Einstein AI. In fact, the automation process is almost synonymous with Salesforce that making the work process smooth and hassle-free.

Combining Salesforce Development Services with Kamelsys!

Both Ksolves’ Salesforce Development Services and Kamelsys offer huge benefits when deployed alone. However, you can imagine the exponential growth of capabilities when you combine them both. Here are some of those benefits awaiting your response:

Your employees will enjoy the knowledge library offered by Salesforce through the Customer 360 technique that will make your processes smooth and precise.
Kamelsys and Salesforce will keep your employees updated and ready for challenges to nullify complex issues during software development processes.
During the ‘Work From Home’ schedule, you can easily keep an eye on your employees and manage your deliverables accordingly.
Both Salesforce and Kamelsys ensure security and transparency between you and your employees. The data you are working on will remain inside the premises despite geographical differences.
Salesforce Development and Kamelsys offer a single dashboard UI that will make your job easy to manage the work processes and the people implementing it at the same time.

What Are You Waiting For?

As we discussed, Employee Management has been a staggering issue considering the COVID-19 situation. Furthermore, this issue is here to stay for a long. So, why not plan your work processes accordingly with Ksolves? Reach out to us and listen to our plan with both Kamelsys and Salesforce Development Services for your business growth!


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