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October 14, 2021


Remember the time when we used to wait for the electrician to repair our electronics items? This is surely a nightmare in current times. The expected wait time for a repair like this has decreased drastically over the years and perhaps we are often looking for ‘instant service’ these days. This idea has pushed all businesses to reassess their strategies. Salesforce thought the same and brought “Salesforce Field Service Lightning” to you.

The New Golden-Goose

We have been hearing all across the world about how Salesforce is helping companies to thrive and generate the desired revenues. For any organization that is looking for solutions to resolve complex problems like communication gaps, dispatching, tracking, scheduling, etc, Salesforce Field Service Lightning is the savior. Field Service Lightning in Salesforce can cover all on-site fields like professional service, manufacturing, child care, financial services, telecommunications, and more. You name it and you have it.

Let’s discuss Salesforce Field Service and unpack the amazing features and advantages of this tool.

What is Salesforce Field Service?

Do you know what Field Service Lightning in Salesforce really is? Without an automated system, it is next to impossible to properly coordinate fieldwork like arranging service appointments, mobile workers’ dispatch and equipment, and monitoring locations of vehicles, inventory stock, and appointment status. However, there are still many companies out there who still manually manage their field agents.

Salesforce Field Services Lightning is Salesforce’s service workforce solution. It is a management tool by salesforce to help field service rapidly and enhance productivity. It is beneficial to manage field agents and streamline customer service experience and also to companies that need field technicians to support their business.

Field service helps in coordinating with many field matters like-

  • Dispatching mobile workers
  • Quickly resolve field service requests
  • Increase field employee performance
  • Manage technicians, dispatchers, and agents
  • Automate the scheduling of appointments
  • Get visibility of any operations in real-time
  • Keep the clients posted on a regular basis
  • Stocking products
  • Tracking location

However, many businesses are still using on-premise field service solutions. This results in leaders lacking visibility through all customer insights, that are critical in developing the customer view that modern businesses require.

What Salesforce Field Service Lightning Provide

Field Service Lightning in Salesforce offers many benefits. It provides an opportunity to understand, digest and deliver the client’s service strategy. Field Service Management helps organizations in handling job tasks of any kind that need to be done on-site. Salesforce Field Service Lightning is a partnership between a number of people, like customers, dispatchers, and agents. Field Service Lightning in Salesforce offers you a versatile, highly customizable, and mobile-friendly field service center. In a few words, Field Service is built to create a real-time connection between customer service agents, field service dispatchers, and field service agents for more efficient work.

The data is organized visually and delivered in one single platform and gives the managers insight into the metrics.

How Does Field Service Lightning Work?

Before you invest in Salesforce Field Service Lightning, you must know three essential partners in the entire process. Field service is a partnership between a number of people like-

Call Center Executive: It is the first point of contact with the client. It provides assistance to the client. Whenever the client requests service, the executive makes a record in the service cloud. The call center executive can book an appointment for a specialist but it does not have the authority to do anything beyond that.

Dispatcher: The Field service lightning dispatcher deals with records, work orders, and appointments and then coordinates with Field professionals and experts. The dispatcher console is built on the service cloud console within Salesforce and is the main working space for dispatchers. The aim here is to guarantee the best use of field resources while offering amazing services.

Field Service Technician: The Field service technicians take care of the service orders and visits to the locations. They utilize the FSL mobile applications on their mobile devices to get the service orders and update them. They even take clients’ signatures. They can view client records and all related data in a solitary view.

Significant Features Of Field Service Lightning in Salesforce

Some Salient features of Salesforce Field Service Lightning-

Work Order And Service Appointment Management

  • Work orders are very important. They represent the work that the technician does.
  • Service appointments represent service visits to customers. It denotes scheduling and work details.
  • Technicians will be notified about the appointments.

Asset Tracking And Management

  • It will be used to track the information about the products that customers use. Whenever customers install competitive products, a preventive maintenance plan is created to plan, schedule, and track work on the asset.
  • Preventive measurements plans are generated from service contracts. Work orders will be created automatically

Scheduling And Work Dispatching

  • Schedule management is important in Salesforce Field Service Lightning. Dispatchers will send service appointments to technicians.
  • The Dispatcher console allows you to manage the workload of technicians in real-time.

Mobility Of Technicians Through A Mobile App

Technicians are allowed to access and update the crucial information in customer location through Salesforce Field Service Lightning mobile app. This information includes work orders, Service Appointments, inventory, and parts.

Inventory Management

  • It is used to track and manage products available for storage, request, transfer, and consumption to complete the work order by the Technician.
  • Technicians should handle products in the warehouse.

Resource Management

It also plays a key role in field service management. It will help you track availability and absence during the dispatching service appointment.

Service Report Output Document

Technicians will generate a service report after the work is done. The service report will consist of all the information related to work orders like customer information, pricing information, and product details.

The technician will take signatures from the customers while generating service reports.

Benefiting From Salesforce Field Service With Ksolves To Improve Efficiency

With Salesforce Field Service, you can save a lot of time and increase efficiency. This application will assist you with managing projects and jobs so that you can make informed decisions right from the mobile workforce to managers and directors.

Ksolves being your guiding light will help you in each and every step to make your business a successful one. Let us dive deep into the many helpful solutions offered by Field Service.

Providing Virtual Support

We all know how tough these times are and in this state of the pandemic, the importance of remote assistance has increased many folds. Through Salesforce Field Service, you can allow customers to book phone or video appointments via a customer portal dedicated to customers.

Management Of Projects And Job

With Salesforce Field Service, you can manage jobs and utilize automation so that the essential jobs can be prioritized. It will also save a lot of time and help you in assigning the right project based on skills and locations. Let your dispatchers have full visibility and control of field technicians and increase efficiency.

Einstein AI Assistance

Einstein AI assistance is the best feature of Salesforce. You can utilize this in Salesforce Field Service. Einstein’s vision allows you to utilize image recognition which helps mobile workers identify assets and parts in images easily. This ensures that the right product is fixed and saves time for the workers. Technicians can provide smarter and faster service which will result in improved workforce efficiency.

Manage Jobs And Safety Protocols

You can take help from a field service mobile app so that your mobile workers can stay up to date with the latest policies. You can customize the app to attach accordingly so your workers can improve first-time fix rates. Ksolves’ salesforce app development can help you with this.

Make Smart Decisions

Field service analytics provide managers easy, real-time visibility into performance and KPIs from any location. You can streamline data for multiple systems and track safety protocols.

In A Nutshell!

Hope this article has covered every aspect of Salesforce Field Services Lightning and provided more insights on its ability to help multiple small and big industries and offer efficiency and speed at the same time. Our Salesforce-certified Field Service Lightning consultants will guide you through every step. If you are reading this article and looking for more services, you are at the right place. Ksolves is the leading Salesforce development company across the globe providing 100% efficient services. Our focus is on fulfilling the unique needs of our clients with our expertise in the Salesforce platform has made us the Salesforce silver partner. Give us a call for more information or visit our website!

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