What Makes the Salesforce Platform an Ideal Choice For the Manufacturing Industry?



September 22, 2022


The manufacturing industry is one of the fastest-growing sectors that can bring great business opportunities for entrepreneurs. With existing customers and new customers, this industry has huge growth potential, but on the other hand, it is slow to adopt operational changes. Even so, most of them are still working on older processes that can be streamlined by implementing the Salesforce Manufacturing Cloud. Salesforce is a key solution for manufacturing companies who want to take advantage of digital transformation for success.

Salesforce is the world’s leading Customer Relationship Management (CRM) platform, helping companies to gain a competitive edge through innovation and continuous improvement. In this blog, we are talking about the key benefits of using Salesforce for the manufacturing industry.

Key benefits of using Salesforce for manufacturers!

Let’s check out the key advantages of using Salesforce in the Manufacturing industry:-

Monitor qualified leads

Salesforce is one of the trusted CRMs that brings various benefits in terms of identifying and gaining qualitative leads for the manufacturing industry. It ultimately proves beneficial in saving time. Many manufacturers put a lot of effort and waste their time in targeting the wrong audiences. This is one of the key mistakes that companies make to increase their leads but, unfortunately, are unable to convert them to customers.

Easy accessibility from anywhere

Salesforce is a cloud-based CRM that can be accessed easily from anywhere across the world with an internet connection. Organizations can securely access the Salesforce Manufacturing CRM by using a user login via a single sign-on tool. It is also equipped with multi-factor authentication to ensure security. Users can also use it on their mobile phones at their convenience.

Accelerate lead conversion rates

Converting your leads into sales is another key benefit of using the Salesforce platform in the manufacturing industry. Using the Salesforce CRM solution will save time in identifying quality leads, which increases the chances of converting the leads into sales. It enables your team to collect the right information from a centralized location. It gives a clear picture of what needs to be done and the steps to resolve such challenges. As a result, manufacturers can efficiently work with customers and offer the right solution. After some time, they can get an archive of customer requirements, which is highly important for getting valuable insights regarding targeted audiences. It is beneficial for gathering such data as well as helpful in retaining your customers in the future.

Increase your efficiency and productivity.

For maintaining an efficient flow of productivity, Salesforce can prove highly beneficial for the manufacturing industry. With better sales forecasts, a sales team can efficiently plan ahead as well as allow the manufacturing company to prepare the production schedule ahead of time. As per the previous records of customers, a company can easily estimate how much quantity of product is required to produce and when. The Salesforce user interface assists companies to integrate it smoothly into their processes. By removing duplicate entries and automotive repetitive processes, a company can save time and boost its productivity level.

Generate more revenue and sales

As we already said, Salesforce is beneficial for converting more leads, it automatically brings more sales to generate more revenue for the company. This is counted as another benefit of using Salesforce for the manufacturing industry. Customers generally follow a specific purchasing pattern that can be utilized for up-selling or cross-selling of products. You need to understand what exactly the customer is looking for. The Salesforce CRM intelligence efficiently works to display and bring up the most relevant products in front of customers when they make purchases. The data can be used for further sales.

What is Salesforce Manufacturing Cloud?

The Salesforce Manufacturing Cloud is a customized CRM designed to support manufacturing companies to build a strong communication network across their ecosystem. Salesforce launched the Manufacturing Cloud in 2019 to provide a modernized, secure, and sophisticated platform for the manufacturing industry to view their entire operations.It supports the entire customer lifecycle—from creating new products to managing existing ones and improving productivity. It proves beneficial for manufacturing companies to achieve greater success by turning data into actions. By integrating with Salesforce, manufacturers can increase their efficiency, leverage productivity, and gain clarity in their business.

Salesforce Tools-Beneficial for Manufacturers


After discussing the key benefits of using Salesforce CRM for manufacturers, check out some of the specific tools that can have a positive impact on your business.

Sales Cloud

Generally, companies are facing difficulty in determining what their salespeople are actually doing. Sales leaders are unable to make accurate forecasts due to a lack of clarity on data authenticity. This is a reason sales professionals develop their own ways of working instead of following a global standard. Salesforce Sales Cloud is a tool that can be used by sales professionals to improvise and boost their sales lifecycle.

Sales Cloud Automation

The Sales cloud automation efficiently works in resolving standardized issues. It allows users to develop their own reports and dashboards while providing better insight into opportunity pipelines. Apart from this, it automates the tasks to eliminate manual work, such as emailing after the call, sending a follow-up email, etc. The Sales Cloud Automation can be utilized by other tools such as CPQ and Billing.

Marketing Cloud

With the Marketing Cloud, manufacturers can get an opportunity to leverage their manufacturing CRM data. This will help them to make informed decisions on how to work with their products. They can easily create Salesforce campaigns as well as build targeted campaigns to approach the right customers and prospects.

Wrapping Up

Salesforce is the world’s leading CRM that can help to take your business to the next level. It offers a cloud-based application that allows you to target leads, customers, and partners, setting scores and alerts based on individual lead or customer activity, as well as maintaining relationships with contacts through contact management.

To find the different ways how Salesforce CRM solutions can optimize your manufacturing process, talk to our Salesforce consultants. With our expertise in Salesforce, we can help your business to stay competitive in this competitive world.

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