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Oct 09, 2020

Selecting Your Salesforce CPQ Consulting Partner: Top Things To Consider

Are you looking to deliver unparalleled customer services that steadily fuel up your business and boost brand value? Well, it can be achieved if you opt for the best Salesforce CPQ consulting company to partner with your business. The correct partnership will help you develop the best solutions, sell the products faster, and follow up with your clients better. Transform with your existing infrastructure, automate processes & reap the rewards! Now, how do you know that the Salesforce consulting company you choose is appropriate for you? Well, that’s why you are here, and we are happy to guide you.

Questions To Ask As You Set Your Eyes On a Salesforce CPQ Consultant

Does the company have Salesforce Certification?

Look for Salesforce certification as it confirms that the consulting team has optimum Salesforce experience to implement your ideas. In addition to that, it ensures that the team is aware of the latest Salesforce updates. Salesforce provides new frameworks thrice a year, and every single certified professional must maintain their accreditation by appearing for a maintenance exam with each release cycle.

What kind of experience do they have?

If the company has executed projects previously, scout for the similarities between your Salesforce implementation plans and the previous ones they have handled. Scrutinize the reviews they have received and get in touch with the previous clients to get proper feedback.

Does the consultant adhere to the AGILE methodology?

Before partnering with the Salesforce Consulting Company, be aware of their implementation methodology. AGILE-based incremental implementation is the best-standardized practice where stages and cycles are represented, and it guarantees that the proceedings are punctual and within the budget. This approach also ensures a high-level of collaboration between the business and the Salesforce Company that eventually results in better outcomes.

How good is the service support?

Before concluding a deal, have a conversation with them about the support service when the project is completed. Working with an accomplice who maintains a laser focus around constant Salesforce updates is better so that the partnership can stay on the cumulative curve.

How do they price their service?

Pricing is one thing that you should iron out in the very beginning. All businesses have their way to work, and you have to see if the consultancy is convenient. Be crystal clear about the mode of payments, payment patterns, and so on. Ask for a detailed fee structure for any customized package you avail of.

Traits Of A Good Salesforce Consulting Company


A genuine company will have 360-degree expertise in all the Salesforce services as they will love to grab any opportunity in this sphere. Not only will they look to conclude the deal, but they will also be interested in enquiring about the various processes in your business.


Although difficult to measure, passion is worth considering while opting for a Salesforce consultancy service. If you partner with an organization full of energetic people, it will drive innovation and prosper your business.

Easy To Approach

The better the company, the more approachable they are. You will rarely get excuses from their end, and if you have a suggestion, they will pay close attention to it.


It might require a good amount of effort to pick one goldfish from a pond full of fishes. However, you must have some clarity of thought after going through the crucial points above. Sometimes, it’s better to wait to come across the perfect company than a hurried decision. Take your time to research and then make that ideal choice. To give you a headstart, Ksolves is a leading Salesforce CPQ consultant you can consider for your business. Reach out to us today for a detailed discussion!

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