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Salesforce Classic

Why Migrate from Salesforce Classic to Lightning and its Challenges?

Salesforce 5 MIN READ January 5, 2023
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Swati Gairola

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Frequently Asked Questions

What is the reason for changing the UI from Classic to Lightning?

Compared to the Classic version, Salesforce Lightning comes with a user-friendly interface which has high flexibility and robustness. With Lightning UI it becomes easy to develop between mobile devices and desktops. Moreover, it boosts user productivity and brings more efficiency with less code.
What are the Salesforce Lightning components?
Components are defined as pre-built functions which you can drag and drop into your lightning environment. With Lightning components, you can easily rearrange your page look as well as create your own component.

What is Salesforce Lightning Experience?

Salesforce Lightning Experience is simply defined as “Lightning”. When you work with Salesforce Lightning, you will get to know about its different features, like Lightning for Outlook, Lightning Login, Salesforce Lightning components, etc. Some of them work only on the Lightning Experience, whereas others will work on both the Lightning and Classic user interfaces.