Introduction To Data Lakes: Big Data

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May 25, 2021

Introduction To the Data Lakes : Big Data

With the transformation of ‘Data’ into ‘Big Data,’ companies often struggle to find an appropriate solution for their business. This led to the upliftment of a unified platform known as Data Warehouse. Undoubtedly, Data Warehouse acted as a core unit of many industries uplifting Big Data Services. However, the platform faced challenges with time. The need gave birth to Data Lakes as a prominent solution to store, analyze, and process large volumes of data ‘as it is.’ 

So, let us swim down the Data Lakes and find all that you need to know before integrating it. 

What is Data Lakes?

Data Lakes is a central repository allowing you to store all types of data in their raw form. You can store structured as well as unstructured data as it is, like images, videos, binary files, etc. Data Lakes allow numerous applications to analyze and process the data, which will help in driving a suitable solution for your company. What makes it do that? 

The features of Data Lakes elevate the capabilities of the repository. These features help your organization to extract various benefits which might not be possible with Data Warehouse. Before diving right into the essential features of Lakes, let’s have a look at the challenges with Data Warehouse. 

Limitations Of Data Warehouse

  • While storing data, Warehouse would ask you to structure the data from its raw form. This is due to the inability of Warehouse to store unstructured and semi-structured data. The process calls for extra time and cost in converting the data. 
  • One of the major concerns of Data Warehouse is security. Your company will surely hold sensitive data meant to be accessed by a handful of people. The security of Data Warehousing is subjected to the cloud vendor, who needs to be trustworthy.
  • It will cost you a lot if you generate frequent queries in Data Warehousing. Additionally, the generated query requires filtering processes and complex integrations. 
  • In the end, scalability adds the challenges for data analysts and companies working with Data Warehouse. 

With all these limitations, Big Data Consulting Services have opted for Data Lakes as their primary solution. Adding to this, here are the essential features of Lakes that overcome the challenges faced by Warehouse. 

Essential Features Of Data Lakes

  • The hassle-free experience this depository provides makes it an appropriate choice for businesses. You can collect the data from multiple sources without hindering the format or type of data. Besides, there is no boundation based on the size of the data. Each and every process is time-saving and fruitful. 
  • Data Lakes Big Data Consulting Services allow businesses to store relational as well as non-relational data, such as IoT devices, social media, and mobile applications. You can always get insights into the data present inside Lakes with features like indexing, cataloging, and crawling of data. 
  • Company employees including Data Scientists and developers can extract data-based analytics with their individual requirements. With the help of frameworks like Apache Hadoop and Spark, you won’t require to shift your data into a separate analytic platform. 
  • Integrating Machine Learning with the data stored in Lakes serves as a perfect stage for new innovations and requirement-based solutions. It will automatically generate prescribed actions to reach the set goals of the company.
  • With Lakes, you will be able to enjoy advanced analytics based on the coherent data stored in the depository. Real-time analytics magnifies the decision-making process and eliminates possible errors. 

Use Cases Of Data Lakes

  • If you integrate the customer data, generated by the CRM, with the analytics produced by Lakes, you’ll receive customer-centric marketing solutions. The analytics are based on customer’s behavior, purchasing preferences, and queries on social media platforms. So, you have a lot to extract!
  • The analytics generated by Lakes can help your R&D team in customizing the products based on the majority of requirements. Every minute detail of your product, regardless of the industry, can be revamped and reinstalled to meet the customer requirements. 
  • The integration of IoT into the Lakes opens many doors of opportunities for businesses. The process will expand the research and acquire less time and cost to generate analytics. 

In The End

With all the related information on Data Lakes, it won’t be wrong to say that you have something bright and exciting to implant in your business. Data Warehouse had its role to play in providing a cohesive storage unit for Big Data. However, as time passes, things need an upgrade. This is where Lakes has a lot for you in their bag. 

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