5 W’s Of End To End Data Lineage In Apache NiFi



September 16, 2021

Data Lineage In Apache NiFi

Ever since the pandemic and challenges began, customers have been placing data and insights at the top of their data management priority list as they seek to uncover and act on the truth in their data. They know that data lineage is the only way to eliminate errors or defects, making the processing of data easier and less time-consuming. Almost every company is tracking their data through some software like Apache NiFi or taking the help of the best data lineage development company and trying to make the most out of data lineage. Without data lineage, clients would have to manually perform processes that would take time otherwise they would have to operate on random data. Hence, overall, data lineage plays a vital role in shaping the business effectively and efficiently.

5 W’s Of Data Lineage In Apache NiFi

When is the best time to analyze data lineage?

There is no right time to analyze data lineage, the right time starts when you apply it in practice. Big enterprises with large amounts of data distributed across multiple databases and systems, use data lineage for a variety of use cases. It helps in identifying untouched and unused data which can save valuable resources from waste. Whenever a company wants to audit the flow of data to improve the performance of its company, data lineage must be practiced in order to get measurable results.

What is the right data lineage software for any type of business?

Apache NiFi is the best data lineage software as it has its own data provenance and event-level lineage support within its data flow. This open-source software stores all the information about the events of the integrated data in the system. The Data Provision Repository records all the information related to the data and provides a UI to trace the event information, thus helping in troubleshooting. Data Lineage can be used to derive the end-to-end benefits of Apache NiFi or to improve the data’s governance, regulatory compliance, quality, analytics, privacy, and security. But the successful implementation of Apache NiFi in your company may require the assistance of a third party. So, in this case, one can take the help of the leading Apache NiFi development and consulting company, Ksolves.

Why is data lineage important?

Data varies over time, and the volume, velocity, and variety of the data we generate today require an end-to-end data lineage to prevent faulty decision-making. Data lineage provides a way to examine which downstream applications are affected by a data change and whether it poses any risk. To add to the benefits of data lineage, Apache NiFi has automated the tracking of data, making it easier for companies to focus on strategic initiatives instead of doing data mapping manually. It helps to simplify root cause analysis and provide complete visibility in the organization. In a nutshell, data lineage brings a lot of benefits to an organization or firm. 

Where to use data lineage?

Almost every type of business relies on data lineage in some way or another. Data is an important part of any company to support organizational decision-making and strategy. Knowing the details of its origins, how it got there, and how it is traveling through the business is of utmost importance for the growth of any company. 

Who uses and delivers data lineage?

Without data, business decisions cannot be accurate, thus resulting in unexpected losses in the company. Big giants like Adobe, Amazon, Honeywell, and almost every successful company use data lineage tools to keep track of their company’s important data. Data analysts, business users, and many others use lots of tools to record data and one such software is Apache NiFi which has a data provenance facility and has its own repository. In addition, you can take the help of third parties like Ksolves to successfully integrate Apache NiFi into your company.

How Can Ksolves Help You Track All Your Essential Data Under One Platform?

As discussed above, it becomes really difficult to handle large amounts of data, which becomes even more difficult with traditional data warehousing systems. Therefore, people are looking for data lineage systems to process, extract and transform big data. For Ksolves, the integration of data lineage tools to its customers is nothing new. Since 2012, Ksolves has been offering Apache NiFi development services in India and the USA, and they have become very well versed in it. 


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