As a Salesforce Consulting Partner, What Expertise Does Ksolves Entail?



March 9, 2022

As our ever-changing world has catalyzed the need for digital transformation, leaders are evaluating how to foster digital trust while creating meaningful interactions to achieve. You may still face obstacles along the way, even if you’ve defined your goals and prepared a roadmap. Even though you’ve established your goals and created a roadmap, you may encounter roadblocks along the way. Depending on the severity of the issues, you may need to hire a Salesforce professional to achieve the desired results. And nothing beats receiving help from a top Salesforce Consulting Partner like Ksolves to help your business thrive. As a Salesforce Ridge Consulting Partner, we can assist you with developing highly scalable and optimized solutions for your business. But before we get into our talents and possibilities, let’s have a look at what a Salesforce Consulting Partner is?

Who Is A Salesforce Consulting Partner?

So, what is a Salesforce Consulting Partner exactly? Here is the answer. A Salesforce Consulting Partner is basically someone who wears countless hats. They might work for a company or as an individual Salesforce business consultant, assisting companies in getting the most out of their Salesforce CRM. They’re Salesforce Certified Business Consultants with expertise in a variety of products, industries, and Salesforce Professional services. The benefits of Salesforce Consulting Partner are numerous. They have competence in everything from software migration to implementation, systems integration to custom application creation. They also demonstrate their knowledge by maintaining up-to-date Salesforce certifications and displaying portfolios of completed projects. As a result, they assist you in improving and growing your business while also enriching your experience.

One-Stop Solution For All Your Salesforce Problems!

Salesforce has become a vital tool for many firms across the world. This is mostly due to its capacity to track almost every aspect of the client relationship and sales pipeline. However, harnessing the full potential of this incredibly strong CRM platform isn’t always straightforward. In reality, many businesses face major obstacles that prevent them from fully utilizing Salesforce’s capabilities. Every day, your salesforce comes to work to meet targets, close transactions, and feed the pipeline. They can’t perform any of these things unless Salesforce is customized to accommodate them.

Minor annoyances like being locked out of an account or password reset troubles may quickly turn into time and productivity drains if sufficient support is not in place. Despite the fact that Salesforce has a number of challenges, you can mitigate their negative impact by using professional Salesforce CRM development services. We at Ksolves understand your requirements and find innovative solutions designed specifically to meet them. Our well-trained and certified experts are able to advise you on best practices. Being the Salesforce Ridge Partner or Salesforce Silver Partner, we have access to tools and resources to help you expand your knowledge and drive customer demand with the world’s most popular CRM. As a Salesforce Business Consultant, we guarantee improved revenue, higher user adoption rates, and more accurate data, reports, and dashboards. The following are the key Salesforce CRM Development Services that we at Ksolves offer:

  1. Salesforce Platform Development
  2. AppExchange App Development
  3. Sales Cloud Services
  4. CPQ Implementation Services
  5. Salesforce Third-Party Integrations
  6. Service Cloud Services
  7. Marketing Cloud Services
  8. Salesforce CRM Consultation

Salesforce Success With Ksolves Is Guaranteed!

Yes! You heard it right…With our help, you’ll be able to get the most out of the Salesforce platform in a number of ways. With enhanced analytics, optimized processes, and a comprehensive cloud plan, we can certainly help you in achieving resilience and agility. Here are the key benefits we promise as a prominent Salesforce Ridge Partner or Salesforce Silver Partner.

Insightful Assessment

Being the Salesforce Ridge Consulting Partner, we use the most rigorous assessment approach in the market. Our approach is cost-effective and capable of identifying and correcting issues that may be impeding user adoption and resource payback. We help you create precise reports and insights that are clearly tied to the goals of your organization and culture. Our in-depth evaluation method is designed to identify and eliminate potential bottlenecks during Salesforce adoption. We support you in planning for the future and making your business more resilient. Furthermore, we assist you with maintaining your organization’s security and system configuration to Salesforce’s standard baseline. We understand how to pull data from Salesforce to track user adoption and identify hazards that exceed system constraints.

Fluent Customization

Salesforce adoption is extremely challenging, and each new customization adds to the difficulty. To get your customization just right, you’ll need to identify the primary issues that it can answer, ask your staff what they don’t like about the system, prioritize bespoke features, and much more. Our Salesforce customization professional services at Ksolves are capable of increasing your revenue and sales productivity while taking into account your unique requirements. We can customize your Salesforce solution by adding fields, records, and new objects to make it represent data beyond its normal functionality. Here at Ksolves, we have perfected the art of process automation. We can automate your everyday and recurring processes, and help you in leveraging Einstein AI to supplement your Salesforce.

Keep You Updated

Salesforce’s platform is constantly changing, with regular updates three times a year, in the winter, spring, and summer, that include numerous new features. As an administrator, having a release strategy can help you and your team stay on top of changes so you can fully utilize new capabilities. As the finest Salesforce Consulting Partner, we respond swiftly to Salesforce release updates to keep your Salesforce running smoothly. We also assist you in performing test runs available on the Salesforce site to ensure a smooth transition.

Certified Onboarding

By designating us as a Salesforce Ridge Consulting Partner, Salesforce has rewarded our great successes in the categories of Customer Success, Innovation, Productivity, and Lead Generation. This means we are best at delivering excellence. We are completely qualified to lead the innovation phase and assist businesses in forming new relationships with their customers. Our core disciplines and experience-driven approach can help you take a big step forward in the customer journey and stay on top of the competition.

Our Salesforce professionals have decades of expertise not only in implementing best-in-class digital solutions but also in delivering personalized, seamless customer experiences at every touchpoint.

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Fostering A Philanthropic Culture At Ksolves – Pledge 1%

To promote a philanthropic culture in their company, Ksolves has joined the global movement Pledge 1% to donate its small portion of equity, time, products, and profits to charity. Making a commitment enables us to hold ourselves responsible for our highest values, cement our honest hearts, and ensure that a small amount of our future success serves the world. Ksolves has also begun to educate the community through empowerment workshops. Our internship program is guided by technical architects with over 20 years of combined expertise. We are educating candidates in technological expertise to ensure a more prosperous and sustainable future. In addition, Ksolves has taken an oath to plant trees on each of our employees’ work anniversaries. We also reached out to farmers and families to assist them in managing their finances throughout the COVID-19 outbreak. You, too, can join the global 1% Pledge movement or CSR initiative, just like we did as a Salesforce Consulting Partner to make a meaningful difference in the world.

Frequently Asked Questions

1. What is the Salesforce Partner Community?

The Salesforce Partner Community is a platform that is only available to Salesforce partners. The Partner Community is a digital system that is open to all of its partners, with the objective of providing them with the technical, instructional, and managerial tools they need to thrive. It is where you will continue to learn, grow, create, and lead as a partner with the world’s #1 CRM company.

2. Who started Pledge 1%?

Salesforce, Atlassian, and Rally founded the Pledge 1% movement. Later, they teamed up with the Entrepreneurs Foundation of Colorado and Tides to help integrate philanthropy into every corporate culture.

3. Is Pledge 1% a nonprofit movement?

Pledge 1% is a nonprofit organization that inspires and supports businesses of all kinds and stages to become positive forces in their communities. Anyone can be a part of this movement and help firms stay on the edge of both economic and social change by shaping the culture.

4. What is an AppExchange?

AppExchange is one of the leading enterprise cloud marketplaces with hundreds of solutions and services that enhance the functionality of Salesforce. For an AppExchange ISV partner or consultant, AppExchange helps customers find the solutions or services they need. For the Salesforce admin or user, AppExchange helps them locate the tools and talents to increase your company’s efficiency.

5. What perks does working with a Salesforce AppExchange Consulting Partner bring?

A Salesforce AppExchange Consulting Partner is a comprehensive solution for marketing, sales, and service, among other things. An excellent Salesforce AppExchange Partner offers system training and continuing support, which makes the system more user-friendly. Furthermore, Salesforce also provides resources, training, and tools to its AppExchange Consulting Partners to help them better serve their clients. As a result, Salesforce AppExchange Partners are well-versed in resolving project management issues and lowering unnecessary expenditures. Also, their Salesforce consulting services are designed to assist your business in growing by integrating a new custom solution or upgrading an existing one.

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