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Oct 12, 2020

Salesforce For Law Firms: How Can It Help In Internet Marketing?

Salesforce is one of the best CRM platforms that utilize cloud-based apps for services, sales, and marketing. A law firm is not just an office space with a signboard. There is a lot more than what meets the eye- employees to look after, impeccable record maintenance, complex case management, etc. The time spent on looking after the administration can skyrocket which can make the independent lawyers wonder about joining a corporate law firm by keeping aside their ventures. Well, Salesforce for law firms can make life easier!

LEAP is a great solution that is cloud-based and can automate many admin tasks, freeing the lawyers so that they can shift their focus on the client services instead. To date, thousands of small law firms across the globe have signed up for LEAP. LEAP has extraordinarily high standards when it comes to technology. Powered by Salesforce, it provides clients the best services and aids the sales team to accelerate the closure of new deals. 

As a law firm starts using LEAP, it is choosing to adhere to a better & efficient way of managing its business. Automated timesheets, paperless records, a mobile workforce, etc will make the management much easier. To make the transition smooth, LEAP starts nurturing prospects at an early stage with Pardot. The potential clients are fed with whitepapers & thought-leadership articles whenever their details are captured.

Here are the Top 5 reasons why Salesforce For Lawyers can act as a force-multiplier:

Track the ROI (return on investment) on several marketing & client development initiatives. By tying up your website & marketing strategies with Salesforce, you have greater control over every marketing dollar that is spent. Simply log in to a dashboard and check the number of leads generated by each campaign.

Contact Resource Management (CRM) tools help in deepening relationships with potential clients by tracking the conversations closely and their areas of interest. It allows for structuring the relationship-development efforts of your firm.

Salesforce can blend with the website inquiry forms seamlessly.

By directing the leads of various kinds straight into Salesforce, a scalable database is created. Multiple attorneys can access it by logging in via the cloud. Instead of having leads directed to attorneys, it is a better option to have them organized in a database where they are scored & shared with the marketing agency.

It is possible to create customized document templates by tracking the frequently utilized forms & documents which can be retrieved & populated with data from the contact fields. In addition to that, Salesforce for attorneys can automate the task of updating the regular status to multiple clients.

Create reports to diligently detect the unfinished tasks which might cause a hurdle or the missing documents. Assign tasks easily to individual attorneys and other staff members with set deadlines as per the requirement of a particular case.

End Note:

Data quality & accuracy is a top priority, as one might expect from a legal organization. By leveraging LEAP and the connected suite of Salesforce, have comprehensive accountability & visibility into each and every client in the pipeline. Ksolves houses a team of Salesforce experts who can analyze your law firm’s requirements and offer the best salesforce solution for law firms.

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