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October 21, 2021

DevOps Development

DevOps culture is spreading like a wildfire, and so does its impact on the other areas of any organization. DevOps has changed the entire way of how IT teams approach projects. Ditching the traditional monolithic, multi-month initiatives and going towards greater speed and agility in the lifecycle of software development. And by that, it means many changes for project managers too.

Today we will talk about how Ksolves DevOps development can help in evolving project management so it can remain valuable in the DevOps age.

Utilize Agile in project management

Everyone these days is familiar with Agile. It is not just a methodology but a way of managing the needs of long-term projects with CI/CD approaches of the DevOps age. 

Firstly, you need to understand the nature of agile development. If you are not agile, you are bound to make mistakes that you can’t fix. 

Look for a microservice approach to projects

Earlier project management was more monolithic-driven, but with `DevOps transformation the project management needs to take a microservices approach. Just as microservices architecture breaks monolithic enterprise apps into smaller pieces, projects can also be divided into smaller and independent pieces.

With agile you can take the big release and break it down into smaller portions so that it becomes easy to get feedback.

Project managers should be experts in handling dependencies

There are plenty of benefits of the microservices approach. Yet, it is important to understand how these smaller prices work together. The project manager must play an important role here.

As rapidity of delivery increases, the importance of dependencies also increases. There is now very little time between deployments. Thus, using a scrum methodology to break down  to better know the dependencies can be critical. Kanban boards can allow immediate views into lapsed dependencies. 

Evolving project plans

Rethinking project management for DevOps needs dynamic changes in the roles of traditional project management. They are developing and managing a project plan. 

Project managers need to know all the information on a regular basis and settle down issues before it’s too late. Project managers need to plan differently working on both speed and quality at the same time.

Here is how you can support that vital combination-

  • Create an integrated plan for unplanned work- Managers should create projects that have the evidence of past performances for incidents and defects. 
  • Use the feedback from testing and deployments to re-plan- you need to add and remove scope frequently based on any new information.
  • Break large projects into smaller parts to get incremental value- Using the microservices approach but with traditional dimensions of measuring value. 

Project Managers should use similar tools as the team

Project managers need to be integrated with both practice and tools. IT managers need to use tools that can help their teams in managing all the work along with project work. In a DevOps  world, project workflows through a simple tracking system for work. 

The biggest challenge for project managers is to check whether individual tasks are progressing on time or not. Project managers should be looking for ways to provide DevOps teams with dashboards on how the release is progressing. 

Project managers should embrace MVP approach

Managing projects in an agile environment enable you to fix issues quickly and on a regular basis without change management or a complete new project. 

Project managers need to embrace the Minimum Viable Product. Continuous measurement of all the important things should be the key. Daily stand-ups are a good practice for achieving this.

Roles of project managers will evolve with DevOps

With the increasing growth of DevOps, the responsibilities and skill sets of project managers will be combined with other jobs and roles. The knowledge and experience of any project manager can add value to the teams. 

Interestingly, the task of project management is being reorganized and transformed into roles like scrum master and product owners.

DevOps development with Ksolves

Now you understand how the role of project management has been transformed in this DevOps era. Are you still confused about the right DevOps services, don’t worry Ksolves is there to help you. As one of the best DevOps development companies in India and The USA, we are specialized in providing end-to-end solutions to overcome any hurdles. Our scalable and highly available solutions are known for their innovation. 

Do you have any DevOps requirements? Write to us below or give us a call. Let’s connect today and grow everyday!

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