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February 9, 2022

Salesforce Field Service Spring 22 Release Notes

The Salesforce Spring ’22 Release Notes went live recently, and it’s no surprise that the entire platform is chock-full of great new features. This Salesforce release piqued the interest of both backend admins and developers, as well as frontend users who will benefit from UI enhancements. Some of the new features in each update don’t require any setup or action to use, but others do. In this post, we’ve highlighted some of our favorite forthcoming features mentioned in the Salesforce Spring ’22 Release Notes, particularly in the Field Service.

Salesforce Spring ’22 Release Notes & Features In The Field Service Space

A. Updates In Field Service Resource Management 

Salesforce has bundled together with many service appointments so that mobile workers may concentrate on the big picture. They’ve done everything they can to protect the privacy of mobile workers by limiting who can see their Geo location. Also, one can color-code the shifts and rapidly update the shifts’ status or assigned resources.

  • Bundling Service Appointments

It is now easy to organise short appointments at neighbouring or same-site venues. You can create a bundle and then assign a mobile worker to complete all of the bundled appointments at the same time. You can either manually or automatically create and build these. This modification affects the Enterprise, Performance, Unlimited, and Developer editions of Lightning Experience. In Field Service Settings, activate Appointment Bundling, add the necessary permissions, and create the service appointment bundling policies.

  • Use Colors to Easily Find Shifts & “Get Candidates” Action

When your team generates shifts, they can apply multiple backdrop colors to reflect different shift kinds, such as job profiles. Shift managers can now apply backdrop colors to shift templates, allowing them to quickly build color-coded shifts. Background colors can be seen in the dispatcher console Gantt and the shift calendar. You can also use the Get Candidates action to make it simple for shift managers to discover and assign a service resource. Furthermore, you can construct a fair and well-balanced shift schedule by adopting objectives and guidelines that take into account workers’ preferred hours. Get Candidates then takes into account worker preferences as well as other constraints, such as limiting nonstandard shifts.

  • Hide The Location For Security Purpose

Salesforce now enables people to fine-tune privacy protection by allowing them to choose who can see where mobile workers are. You can hide real positions and actual routes from the dispatcher console map and resource map by assigning permissions. Additionally, you can hide the Gantt’s last-seen time markers.

  • Limited Service Appointment Status Updates

Now, the amount of Service Appointment Share records in a single batch is now limited to 50,000 records when your users update service appointment statuses. If you go over the limit, you’ll get an error and your modifications won’t be stored.

B. Updates In Field Service Asset Management 

This new upgrade in Salesforce Spring ’22 release notes in the Field Service of Asset management lets you avoid downtime by scheduling preventive maintenance for your assets using maintenance work rules. One can create a plan using any criterion. This modification affects the Enterprise, Performance, Unlimited, and Developer editions of Lightning Experience. Select Maintenance Work Rule as the Source Object and Asset as the Filtered Object to use this feature. Then, choose a Logical Operator to determine whether the criteria are legitimate if all conditions are true or if at least one condition is true. After that, choose the field to match on, the operator, and the match value before saving the filter criteria.

C. Updates In Field Service Administration Management 

Flows and procedures can now be linked to Work Plans. A corporation, for example, could have safety and security policies in place for its mobile staff. You can tie these requirements to the work order allocated to the company’s account using account-specific work plans. This modification affects the Enterprise, Performance, Unlimited, and Developer editions of Lightning Experience. After creating a work plan template and the associated processes for an account. Then you must establish a work plan selection rule and choose an account. The new work order is linked to that account, and the work plans are related to it.

D. Updates In Field Service Customer Engagement

You can now use Visual Remote Assistant for Experience Cloud Salesforce Field Service Spring ’22 update to engage via video, request a remote assistance session, and improve your two-way video meeting experience. All you have to do is add the Visual Remote Assistant component to the object record page layout. You can also interact with an increasing number of communities, consumers, and partners with the help of this visual remote assistant. Remote visual sessions will assist you in keeping employees, partners, and customers safe, improving efficiency, and lowering expenses. This modification primarily affects Lightning Experience Enterprise, Performance, and Unlimited versions that have the Field Service managed package installed.

E. Updates In Field Service Mobile App

The most recent Salesforce Field Service Spring ’22 enhancements enable service appointment bundling and automatic status updates, making it easier for mobile professionals to get more done on the job. You can schedule service appointments to assist mobile personnel in completing their tasks. Additionally, the new Related Records priming saves time by allowing mobile workers to select only the records they require before going offline. You can also make changing the status of an appointment easy. You only need to install the Field Service mobile app for this. In the mobile app, the person has the option of rejecting or updating the status. If there is no action, the status will change after a predetermined amount of time.

Bottom Line

The most innovative features in the latest Salesforce Field Service Spring ’22 release notes will help you develop a deeper relationship with your customers than ever before. Salesforce Spring ’22 release notes in the Field Service addressed the needs of both administrators and developers and were designed to benefit both groups. We hope you enjoyed the above overview of Salesforce Spring ’22 release notes in the Field Service. Also, whether you need Salesforce help or want to deploy Salesforce quickly and successfully, Ksolves is the right Salesforce development company to invest in. Ksolves brings high-quality Salesforce professional development services to your doorstep at a low cost. We’re ready to help you figure out what you need right now!  Read Related Articles –

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