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Oct 13, 2020

Salesforce for Small Business: What you really need to know!

Salesforce is a CRM as well as Sales Management Module that integrates all the sales information and customer’s data in one place so that users and the management can fetch the data from the module without any extra efforts.

Small businesses form a significant part of the economy of any country. Having limited resources, they need to know their customers’ needs and mostly depend on word-of-mouth for advertisement, which demands all their information to be kept in a sorted way.

For various requirements of small businesses, Salesforce Essentials can be a really good option. The number of employees in a small business can range from one person to 20-50 persons. More often than not, small businesses track their requirements in notes and spreadsheets. In this scenario, the Salesforce Essentials platform can aid in automating the business process. Salesforce Essentials provides benefits like having an easy set-up, fast training, and affordability to deploy a CRM.

Advantages of Salesforce for Small Business

  • Salesforce is a perfect tool for small companies to handle current customers.
  • Salesforce makes finding new customers simple by offering several tools.
  • Social media marketing and online marketing can be easily managed with Salesforce.
  • Salesforce helps small businesses to oversee sales and support the customers at the same time.
  • Cloud access facilitates real-time access to consumer information in Salesforce.
  • It is easy to track employee activities such as tasks completed, weekly/monthly productivity, etc.
  • Salesforce can run with all major browsers like Chrome, Opera, etc.

Pardot is a marketing automation solution powered by Salesforce CRM. Small businesses can benefit by using Pardot to market themselves in the best possible way. Let’s have a look at three important reasons that make Pardot a great option for SMBs.

Revenue-Driven Marketing

Through the utilization of Pardot and Salesforce, marketers can totally align with the sales and get insights into the campaigns and the marketing efforts that can actually drive revenue. It is easy to share the dashboards with your leadership team. Also, valuable hours can be saved by leveraging the Salesforce OOTB reporting & dashboards.

Aligned On The Salesforce Platform

Apart from the enhanced KPIs(Key Performance Indicators), small business customers can have faster turnarounds and convert leads to sales by utilizing Sales Cloud & Pardot together.

Marketing Automation

Whether there is an alteration in the product lines or the market strategies have to be revamped, the most efficient marketing teams must have the requisite tools to scale and grow rapidly.

Pardot offers easy-to-use marketing features such as:

  • Lead scoring and gathering to aid in the analysis of top leads
  • Workflow automation for your business processes
  • Connected campaigns with custom objects facilitate direct connection of campaigns to sales


There is no ending to the advantages offered by the platform. You just need the right Salesforce development services to help you leverage most of the configurations and adaptations of Salesforce. With so many advantages, Salesforce is the best option to grow the organization while maintaining an efficient customer relationship.

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