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Verified First

Verified First
Technology Used
  • Salesforce
  • Apex
  • Visualforce
  • Javascript Libraries
  • Triggers
  • SOQL
  • Salesforce Sites
  • Batch Processing
  • Web Service Integration
  • HTML
  • CSS
  • Stripe API
  • AWS s3

Client Overview

Headquartered in Meridian, Idaho, the client is the premier background and drug screening company. They provide customizable search solutions that help companies across industries, validate and verify potential employees. The client uses Salesforce to manage their internal business process as well as for handling client interactions on their invoicing portal.

What They Do

Verified First provide background check & drug screening services to companies across industries in the USA.

Problems Faced By Them

Handling large data
  • circle With a large customer base and adding new clients continuously, the client faced the problem of managing large amounts of data. Added to it was the challenge to have all data in one place.
Handling their invoicing cycle
  • circle The client wanted to have a system through which they can generate invoices and send that to their customers.
  • circle The client also wanted to build a customer centric portal where they could allow their customers to view their invoices, statements and process payments.

How We Helped Them Using Salesforce

We analysed the requirements and came up with a full fledged solution to handle the use cases for their business:
  • circleBuilt a custom application for uploading the data into the salesforce custom objects. This allowed the business to upload tons of data into Salesforce custom objects.
  • circle Built a system which enabled the client’s finance team to simplify the invoicing process. Right from generating the invoices to handling payments, the system handles every aspect of their invoicing cycle. Following are some of the salient features of the system:
  • Invoice generation and storing on cloud storage service
  • Intimating customers via an email with their generated invoices.
  • Enable end customers to view their invoices in a portal.
  • Enable end customers to make payment against outstanding invoices.
  • Enabling customers to add credit which could be used to make payments.
  • Enabling customers to opt for auto pay.
  • Enabling the finance team to track payments and perform other operations.
How We Helped Them Using Salesforce

Technical Architecture

  • circleExternal Systems Integrated
  • Amazon S3 Service
  • Stripe
  • Google reCaptcha
Salesforce Technical Architecture
  • circleExplanation
  • In Salesforce ecosystem
  • Invoices and Payments custom objects are depicted which interact with Apex classes to perform various operations.
  • public site is what is presented to the end user. This is referred to as invoicing portal in this case study.
  • A webhook handler class is depicted inside the invoicing portal which handles requests from Stripe. Public site also interacts with Google reCaptcha service to prevent fraud from automated bots.
  • Apex classes interact with AWS s3 service for storing & fetching the invoices and with Stripe to process payment related operations.