Project Name

Empowering Document Management with Customised Angular Application Solutions

MEAN Stack, Mongo DB, ExpressJs, Angular, NodeJS, AWS


Our client operates an employee and end-customer management company that offers customised solutions for businesses to manage different departments, teams, and end-customers. They offer hosted solutions and help agencies with their excellent service to manage and prepare their documentation online by collaborating on the same platform on a real-time basis. Their main aim is to provide support for sharing multiple types of documents that are categorised into two modes, including internal documentation and external documentation. Moreover, the client is searching for a solution to overcome the challenge of processing real-time collaboration and ensure scalability through proper cloud architecture support. 



  • Our client was facing challenges in developing a secure and responsive MEAN Stack application with an Angular framework to facilitate real-time collaboration and drag-and-drop functionality for document preparation.
  • Scalability was another major challenge in necessitating a robust cloud architecture, and it becomes crucial to manage compatibility across browsers and devices.
  • The major challenge was to ensure the application’s compatibility with tablets and iPads.

Our Solution

The Ksolves team has provided a robust solution to the client that includes:

  • Our team had implemented Bootstrap to make the application more approachable and then implemented Angular v10 to overcome all the performance-related issues and make the processing time optimal.
  • Then, we leveraged to support real-time collaboration and chatrooms.
  • The latest designs were inherited to support all the updated browsers and to be compatible with running the application on desktops, tablets, and iPads.
  • With the implementation of Angular application support, there was a drag-and-drop option to attach the relevant input options, such as text editors, gallery creation, video frames, signature boxes, etc.
  • Hence, we had successfully designed an exclusive single-page application for our client.

Data Flow Diagram


Hence, we had successfully addressed the challenges of our client and provided them with an Angular MEAN Stack application platform that helped them meet the needs of multiple organizations. Not only this, but with our client, it becomes possible to take care of all the performance issues with the integration of the latest tech stack and cloud services. However, this helps them to ensure instant collaboration and document preparation while maintaining the security and scalability of the document management system. 

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