Project Name

Odoo Implementation to Avoid Product Duplication

Odoo, Postgres, NodeJS


Our customer is involved in the manufacturing of PCBs and the coordination of board, assembly, and stencil production through different vendors. To simplify the process for clients and enhance operational effectiveness, they require a customized CRM platform. This platform should enable them to develop tailored modules and enhance overall efficiency in their operations.



The client encountered a series of challenges:

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  • At first, the customer utilized both Salesforce and Sage. However, they were seeking a unified solution that would allow them to seamlessly handle their products, quotes, marketing efforts, and documents all in one centralized location without any complications.
  • They aimed to transfer data from Salesforce and Sage to Odoo and create a central module for streamlined operations, eliminating the need for three separate custom software development platforms in their business management.
  • An individualized product configurator was required within Odoo Customization to simplify the process of board specification.
  • Due to the offline functionality of Sage, there were limitations with APIs, which led to the need for a customized module to process Sage data.

Our Solution

Our developers provided a comprehensive solution to address the challenges faced by the client:

  • Our experts developed a personalized CRM integration within Odoo, replacing Salesforce, enabling daily use and smooth transition.
  • Utilized a tailor-made Odoo - Salesforce connector integration to facilitate smooth migration, transferring data from Salesforce to Odoo records seamlessly.
  • Developed a customized product builder/configurator in Odoo, enabling streamlined product creation and management with enhanced efficiency.
  • Established a dedicated module for processing Sage Data, implementing multiprocessing to import 20,000 products from Sage to Odoo.
  • At the same time, developed an intuitive portal, enhancing the efficiency of board specification processes through streamlined design.
  • Introduced the concept of "interim documents," simplifying document management in Odoo ERP customization. Integrated an embedded list view within their CRM, enabling seamless document management alongside products.

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As technology advances, so do business needs. We’re committed to continuously enhancing our solutions to match evolving client requirements. Odoo offers limitless possibilities for business optimization. Customization doesn’t just accelerate operations but also motivates businesses to achieve greater efficiency and expansion. This project exemplifies the strength of collaboration, innovation, and the relentless pursuit of excellence.

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