The client is a customized PCB Board
manufacturer and supplier


  • As a custom board manufacturer, the client deals with many specialized vendors to meet the requirements of different orders. Despite this, the client was maintaining vendor data in multiple records, which made mapping each vendor very challenging.
  • Additionally, assembling a circuit requires an assortment of components from different categories. So, the client had a hard time tracking inventory and finding the appropriate vendor from the piles of multiple documents. Since the client had a non-centralized business model, product duplication was one of the major problems. It was very time-consuming and required a lot of manual involvement.


Due to a large number of similar components in the products, the client was facing a product duplication issue. Consequently, our Odoo Implementation Team was faced with the difficult task of integrating multiple components and multiple quantities into one quote. Furthermore, the client did not have a standard procedure to track the inventory, so we analyzed the overall business workflow.


  • Our Odoo Implementation Team developed a configuration form named “Product Configurator” in which the client only has to mention the parameters of the product. As a result, the issue of duplicate product records got eliminated. In spite of that, we also made a specific vendor and customer portal so that our client's sales team could easily locate the relevant vendor for a particular product.
  • As soon as the salesperson receives the lead, the BOARD Configurator can be used to add board details and other requirements so that they can easily follow up on the lead. Once the vendor details have been added, the sales team can quote accordingly, and the vendor also gets notified about the order in the vendor portal.


  • In addition to automating its business workflows, we resolved the issue of product duplication by implementing Odoo. In this way, human interaction has been reduced and the client can easily monitor project progress without having to keep duplicate records.
  • The client benefited from the product configuration form because it improved customer relationship management and warehouse management as the concerned teams now receive updates immediately.

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