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AWS Glue: Serverless Solution for Transforming Data Matching

Information Technology
Apache Spark, Python, AWS


One of our clients Technology & Software product-based company were facing challenges on data matching and entity resolution and analyzing datasets from multiple sources. Challenges were to identify the common identifiers, making data matching a non-trivial endeavor.



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  • The client grappled with several critical challenges in their data-matching project.
  • The foremost concern was data quality management, with inconsistent, inaccurate, and missing data compromising the project's integrity.
  • Duplicates and varying data formats further complicate matters. Scalability was another key issue, given the need to adapt to fluctuating data loads and surges in demand while ensuring efficient resource allocation.
  • The deployment on AWS involved intricate tasks like defining Serverless ETL workflows, setting up data pipelines, managing task dependencies, and monitoring.
  • These challenges had to be overcome to ensure the project's success and the generation of reliable insights.

Our Solution

To address these challenges:

  • We harnessed the power of AWS Glue, a serverless ETL service. AWS Glue facilitated the seamless execution of multiple Spark jobs, efficiently processing and transforming the data. It also played a pivotal role in data cleansing, ensuring that data quality issues were effectively resolved.
  • Incorporating AWS EventBridge into the solution allowed us to monitor job statuses in real time and trigger automatic responses to job events.
  • This enhanced the reliability and efficiency of the project, ensuring that potential issues were addressed promptly.
  • AWS Lambda played a crucial role in orchestrating the workflow. It was utilized to trigger AWS Glue jobs and seamlessly integrated with a REST API to provide a user-friendly interface for job initiation.
  • For data storage, we leveraged AWS S3 integration, offering a scalable and cost-effective solution for reading and writing data. Additionally, a database was used to store metadata and job details, facilitating easy access and retrieval of critical information.

Data Flow Diagram



In conclusion, our comprehensive solution, powered by AWS Glue for Spark ETL Jobs, AWS Lambda for workflow orchestration, EventBridge for real-time monitoring, and S3 for data storage, successfully addressed the client’s challenges. By adopting this advanced technology stack, we provided a robust, scalable, and automated solution for data-matching algorithms and entity resolution. Our approach not only tackled data quality management issues but also ensured that the client’s project could seamlessly scale to meet fluctuating data demands.

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