Project Name

Boost Hospitality Management With An Efficient Solution

Odoo, Python, JS, XML, SCSS


Our client belongs to the hotel industry and provides hospitality services. The client is required to develop a system that makes things easier for both the staff and the people staying at the hotel. By integrating fiscalization, they want to streamline their hotel operations.



The key challenges faced by the client in the project were:

  • Fiscalisation and E-Invoice: The client required a robust system to incorporate fiscalization and generate electronic invoices seamlessly within the hotel's operations.
  • Gantt View Implementation: Required to implement an effective Gantt view for hotel systems to visualize and manage their hotel's activities and resources more efficiently.
  • Custom Rate Management: Need to add the customizable rate view feature that allows a client to update room prices and manage room statuses, etc.
  • Wubook Integration: Integration of Wubook with their existing system was crucial for streamlining operations and enhancing customer service within the hotel.
  • Early Check-In at the Hotel: A client needed an early check-in feature within their hotel app. It enables guests to check in earlier and provides a seamless and convenient experience.
  • POS Orders and Hotel Booking Mapping: We were required to link Point of Sale (POS) orders with hotel folios to ensure smooth and synchronized operations.
  • Wubook Integration with the Hotel App: Third-party Integration with Odoo for Streamlined Booking Management.
  • Room availability update in Wubook: Required API calls for real-time room availability updates in Wubook.
  • Import/export of reservations in Wubook: API integrated for efficient data synchronization with external booking systems.
  • The client wanted to track room availability, housekeeping status, view KPIs for room status, and room price through a Gantt view.
  • They also require the option to schedule room activities directly from the Gantt View.
  • Integrated the multiple price lists for various room types.
  • Enabled customers to sign documents and guest cards.
  • Developed a graph view to visualize the reservation analysis.

Our Solution

Our Odoo experts provided solutions to resolve the key challenges faced by the client.

  • Provided a comprehensive solution by integrating fiscalization and automating the process of generating electronic invoices.
  • Successfully implemented an intuitive Gantt view feature through which a client can easily manage their hotel activities more effectively.
  • Promptly identifying issues in APIs or services if they cease functioning.
  • Enabled easy reservation rescheduling directly from the Gantt view.
  • Developed a customizable rate view for flexible rate management.
  • Enabled Room Availability Management: Monitor room availability using a color-coded (green-available, yellow-booked) system in the rates manager view.
  • Integrated Wubook with Odoo for streamlined operations.
  • Real-time Room Availability in Wubook:.Created multiple scheduled actions to ensure frequent synchronization for room availability.
  • Provided a solution for the import/export process for reservation data between systems with Wubook.
  • POS Order and Hotel Booking Mapping: We established a seamless connection between POS orders and hotel bookings for a unified customer experience.
  • Integrated real-time room availability checks within the Gantt view.
  • Enabled quick access to reservation details with a single click, facilitating essential functions like guest card signing, printing, checkout, and folio creation for seamless hotel management.
  • Incorporate key performance indicators (KPIs) for informed decision-making.
  • Validated room availability and managed housekeeping status directly from the Gantt view.
  • We scheduled room activities efficiently within the Gantt view interface.
  • Multiple Room Rates Management: Implemented a system to efficiently handle multiple rates for each room.
  • Customer Document Signature: Enabled a solution for secure document signing by customers.
  • Reservation Analysis: Developed tools for comprehensive analysis of reservation data.

Data Flow Diagram


Our experts provided a customized hotel management solution that not only resolved the specific challenges faced by our client but also boosted their operational efficiency and overall customer experience. We have successfully met our client’s needs, and they are happy with the results. That’s why they have continued to collaborate with us on multiple projects, which demonstrate their satisfaction and confidence in our services.

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