Project Name

Revolutionizing Agricultural Industry Management Using Odoo

Python, JS, Odoo, XML


Our client belongs to the Agricultural Industry and is involved in the growth of farmers and their crops. They need a solution to manage their complex real-time tasks involved in agricultural operations. Our provided solutions include farmer and plot data management, crop growing instructions, managing land contracts, tracking inventory, monitoring weather conditions, and more.



The client was confronted with a range of challenges. Some of the most significant ones included:

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  • They needed to monitor weather and biomass in real-time, tailored to each farmer's plot location.
  • The client needed an efficient way to map plot areas and create optimal routes for field interventions.
  • They wanted to facilitate easy reporting of field observations, enabling field officers to share crop conditions & various factors effectively.
  • They wanted a way to gather multiple perspectives on field conditions and create boundaries on maps for each plot.
  • The client required a system to create crop growing & management instructions and keep track of schedule deadlines.

Our Solution

To address these challenges, we provided a holistic solution that transformed the client's agricultural operations:

  • We integrated large data domains and cost-efficient APIs for real-time weather data, providing temperature and precipitation updates. Biomass monitoring was incorporated to enhance agricultural availability prediction.
  • We upgraded their mapping system by integrating the latest Google API versions, making it easier to map plot areas and create intervention routes.
  • Our team implemented Odoo surveys for field visits, allowing for customized reports based on specific questions, such as irrigation surveys and plot status assessments.
  • Also, our team introduced automated actions to update deadlines and keep users informed about their tasks and activities.

Data Flow Diagram


Our solution has truly transformed our client’s agricultural world. They now effortlessly manage data, make informed decisions, and operate efficiently. With user-friendly mobile apps and enhanced security, we’ve made their lives easier and farming more accessible. We’re proud to have played a part in this journey to support the modern farmer.

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