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Build Fleet Management App For Drivers

Ruby on Rails, Android (Java), AWS, PostgreSQL


The client is a transportation company based in Australia that operates a fleet of vehicles. Their primary concern is ensuring driver safety and compliance with Australian laws regarding driver rest limits to reduce accidents on the road. To address this, they wanted a native Android application for fleet management that tracks driver fatigue hours, enforces rest guidelines, and monitors driver behavior.



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  • The client faced issues with drivers operating in areas with limited internet connectivity, making it difficult to share real-time updates and track drivers effectively.
  • Australian law mandates that drivers must not exceed certain rest limits, which can be challenging to monitor and enforce manually.

Our Solution

To address these challenges, the project team developed a comprehensive solution:

  • The Android application was designed to work seamlessly in offline mode with AWS Cloud Services for Transport apps. When drivers are in areas with poor or no internet connectivity, the app stores all relevant data, including driver activities, location, speed, and routes, in a local database.
  • While driving, the application continuously monitors the driver's actions and behavior. It records when the driver starts work, starts a break, finishes a break, or finishes work.
  • The application uses real-time data to detect breaches in driver behavior. For instance, if a driver exceeds the speed limit for 5-10 seconds, it triggers a breach notification.
  • Once the driver regains internet connectivity, the app automatically syncs the stored data with the server. This ensures that all data, including breaches and driver activities, is uploaded to the server for review and compliance with vehicle tracking technology.
  • There has been complete vehicle maintenance management, driver document management, incident reporting, hazard reporting, and others for complete safety.
  • Compliance Easy offers a user-friendly system for transport companies of all sizes, enabling drivers to stay compliant through a mobile fleet management app and providing management with a web portal for real-time data and safety culture improvement.

Data Flow Diagram


The project successfully addressed the client’s challenges by developing an Android application for fleet management. This app offers real-time monitoring of driver actions and behavior, enabling the detection of breaches such as speeding. It also provides offline access for areas with poor internet connectivity and automatically synchronizes data with the server when connectivity is restored. As a result, the client can now enhance driver safety and compliance with Australian rest limit laws, contributing to safer roads and responsible driving practices in the transportation industry.

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