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Project Name

Custom Salesforce Commerce Cloud Templates

Salesforce Commerce Cloud


Our client is an established e-commerce company that operates in multiple countries and deals with a large volume of orders and shipments on a daily basis. They utilize Salesforce Commerce Cloud as their e-commerce platform to manage their online store, inventory, and order processing. They sought to enhance their order processing and shipping workflow by customizing the templates for invoice printing and shipping printing in Salesforce Commerce Cloud. The client’s requirement was to give a professional and polished appearance to their invoices and shipping documents while improving the overall efficiency of their e-commerce operations.

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  • The standard invoice and shipping templates provided by Salesforce Commerce Cloud were not customizable through the Business Manager configuration.
  • The client could not achieve the desired professional and polished appearance for their invoice and shipping documents using the out-of-the-box templates.
  • Fine-tuning templates for accurate data display became a complex task, requiring significant effort and thorough testing.
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Our Solution

As experienced Salesforce Commerce Cloud experts, we understood the importance of having tailored invoice templates and shipping templates to meet the specific requirements of the client. To address this challenge, we proposed and implemented a Salesforce E-Commerce Cloud Integration solution that involved creating a custom cartridge for Business Manager.

  • Customize Cartridge for Business Manager: We developed a Salesforce Custom Cartridge, which is like a special toolbox of files and configurations, enabling us to enhance the platform's capabilities. This Custom Cartridge contained all the necessary changes we made to the client’s existing invoice and shipping templates.
  • Customize Invoice in Salesforce Commerce Cloud: Within the Custom Cartridge, we carefully customized the standard invoice templates to match the client's specific requirements. This involved adjusting the layout and information displayed on the invoices.
  • Adding the Custom Cartridge to Business Manager: Once the customization was complete, we seamlessly added the Custom Cartridge to the client's Business Manager cartridge path. This allowed the client to effortlessly access and manage the modified templates within their Business Manager interface.
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Our successful implementation of the custom cartridge enabled the client to overcome previous limitations in customizing invoice and shipping templates in Salesforce Commerce Cloud. By providing tailored templates, the client achieved a professional and polished appearance, significantly enhancing their brand image and elevating the overall customer experience. We accelerated the template customization process by leveraging our Salesforce Commerce Cloud expertise, saving valuable time and effort.

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