Project Name

Deployment of Apache Spark Query Processing Engine For Data Transformation

Apache Spark, Scala, Google Big Query, Kubernetes, GCP


Our client belongs to the finance industry and facing challenges in extracting actionable insights from their diverse datasets. They were facing complexities in the ETL process that needed a Spark expert to work on the organization’s agility to perform in the market dynamics and optimize the operational workflows. Moreover, the client is searching for a system to instantly handle the data without the need for technical expertise associated with Apache Spark.



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  • The client was facing issues in transforming and analyzing the massive amount of financial data insights where ETL jobs played a major role.
  • There had been limited accessibility to the Apache spark expertise in their workforce that automatically affected the organization’s ability to the market trends and manage the risk.
  • Another challenge was that they are searching for a solution that can help empower their employees to manage, recognize, and work with the data effortlessly without facing any spark technicalities.

Our Solution

We have provided a comprehensive solution to our client that includes:

  • Our team first deployed the Apache Spark Query Processing engine that was specially customized for ETL and transformed the client’s data operations.
  • With the configuration file at the front, we simplified the ETL process that allows the client to articulate their data requirements.
  • By leveraging Apache Spark and intelligent parsing of configuration files, we streamlined the transformation of data and gave them a flexible system.
  • Our solution enables users to interact and derive insights from the data without having any technical knowledge of Apache Spark and also fosters a dynamic and responsive data analytics environment.
  • Below is the sample template JSON configuration file structure

Data Flow Diagram



At last, we had successfully provided our client with a solution that could meet their needs and requirements. This project is all about representing a jump in banking financial data processing solutions and promising them to reconsider clearly how ETL jobs can be executed in the existing industry. By leveraging Apache Query Processing Engine, it becomes possible to address the unique challenges that relate to the financial data insights and also work on fulfilling the client’s critical need for a flexible system that empowers their workforce to connect with the data easily. Moreover, our innovation helps our client to lead in utilizing the analytics for better risk management, operational efficiency, and instant decision-making.

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