Project Name

Development, Maintenance, and Deployment of Transport Application From Scratch

Laravel, PHP, Java, Objective-C, and AWS cloud services


Our client operates in the transportation industry and intends to offer transportation services in various cities and remote islands where traditional ride-hailing services are unavailable. They are looking to develop two mobile applications—one for drivers and one for passengers—compatible with both Android and iOS platforms.



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  • In certain areas, there is a lack of available ride-hailing services, prompting our client to seek the development of a mobile application.
  • They have a concept in mind, and we have successfully transformed this concept into a tangible reality.

Our Solution

Our team has successfully developed the solution for the client as per their requirements.

  • We have effectively created two applications: one for riders and another for drivers, specifically designed to cater to areas lacking transportation options.
  • Within the applications, we have incorporated a "Favorites" feature, allowing customers to select their preferred drivers.
  • The "Favorites" feature also includes a list of chosen drivers, enabling users to prioritize and easily pick their preferred driver for future rides.

Data Flow Diagram



In conclusion, our developed application solution provides substantial benefits to both clients and drivers, effectively addressing the transportation gap in areas lacking access to traditional ride-hailing services. By harnessing the power of Google Maps and Apple Maps API integration, we have made seamless and efficient transportation services possible. This solution not only fulfills our client’s needs and requirements but also empowers drivers to offer their services while enabling passengers to choose their preferred drivers through the convenience of a user-friendly platform. Overall, our tailored solution aligns with the unique challenges of the transportation industry, bridging the gap and creating a win-win scenario for all stakeholders involved.

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