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Project Name

Enhance the Telecommunication Analytics Through the Implementation of Apache Druid

Apache Kafka, Amazon S3 Bucket, SharePoint, Apache Druid


Our client was one of the largest telecommunication companies who are facing challenges in efficiently analyzing and deriving insights from a rapidly growing accounting dataset. With the traditional relational databases, they are struggling to provide real-time analytics capabilities for the right decision-making process. Their main aim is to implement Apache Druid as a scalable and performing solution for their analytical needs.



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  • They need help with traditional relational databases to efficiently analyze the growing accounting dataset for slow query response times.
  • Facing issues in the decision-making process because of a lack of real-time analytics capabilities directly impacts the company’s ability to respond to changing scenarios.

Our Solution

Our team provided a robust approach to our client that included:

  • First, our team conducted a thorough analysis of the existing data infrastructure and analytics requirements and understood the client's needs and challenges.
  • Deployment of Apache Druid clusters for batch data ingestion on cloud infrastructure brings scalability and flexibility.
  • Our team configured data connectors for the instant integration with various sources of data including transactional databases, event streams, and Amazon Cloud Storage (S3). They had implemented real-time data ingestion analytics pipelines for continuous streams and batch data ingestion.
  • Then, we designed Druid schemas for the analytical requirements of different business units and connected with Data Analysts for the right query patterns to create an analytics dashboard.
  • At last, implementing a robust data ingestion pipeline and Apache Kafka integration brings real-time data streaming for instant integration with Druid’s real-time nodes.

Data Flow Diagram



At last, our team implemented the Apache Druid to successfully address the client’s challenges for the right data analysis and real-time insights. This optimized infrastructure, seamless integration, and improved query performance reduce the response time by 70% to empower the telecommunication company to make informed decisions promptly. With the Apache Druid implementation for the right analytics database, it becomes highly scalable to accommodate 3* increase in data volume without any query performance.

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