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Project Name

Enhancing Retail Operations with Odoo 16 Version Upgrade

Odoo, Python, Javascript, XML


Our client was working in a business who are engaged in selling kitchen appliances, operating restaurants, and offering laundry services. Their daily operations-basically rely on various Odoo apps, including Sales, Purchase, Inventory, Accounting, Website, and point of sale. However, they work on managing multiple companies and run multiple websites within the Odoo ecosystem.



The primary challenge faced by our client was the need to migrate their custom modules and database from Odoo version 14 to version 16. This migration involved several complex tasks:

  • The client had custom modules developed for their specific business needs in Odoo version 14, and these needed to be migrated to work seamlessly with version 16.
  • With the significant differences between Odoo 14 and Odoo 16, the client's existing custom module code needed substantial adjustments to align with the new version.
  • The client had three websites that had to be migrated from Odoo 14 to Odoo 16 while maintaining their design and functionality.
  • The old themes on the websites needed to be replaced with new themes while preserving the websites' previous appearances with some design modifications.
  • There was a requirement to unlock POS (Point of Sale) sessions in the database.
  • The client wanted to add a "quote" feature to selected websites, replacing the traditional sale order process when customers checked out their carts on the website.

Our Solution

We have provided a robust solution to our client that is mentioned below:

  • We successfully migrated the code and database, ensuring that the multi-company and multi-website structure was maintained during the transition from Odoo version 14 to version 16.
  • To adapt to the differences between versions, we eliminated the code of older modules and replaced it with refactored code in line with the new version, ensuring seamless functionality.
  • We removed the old themes from the websites before migration and created new pages with updated themes. Additionally, we fixed older pages and removed obsolete theme elements while preserving the websites' original appearances.
  • We resolved the issue by unlocking the POS sessions in the database, allowing for smoother Point of Sale operations.
  • We added the "add to quote" feature on the websites, enabling customers to create quotations instead of sale orders during the checkout process. We also implemented the hiding of product prices on the website, catering to the client's specific requirements.

Data Flow Diagram


The outcome of our efforts and solutions was met with satisfaction from the client. The successful migration of their custom modules and database, along with the redesign of their websites, improved their business operations in Odoo version 16. The client now benefits from a more updated and efficient Odoo system that aligns with their business needs and goals.

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