Project Name

Enhancing the Customer Data Management with Salesforce Service and Data Cloud

Salesforce Data Cloud


Our client operates a retail chain of consumer electronics and durables across India. They utilize the Service Cloud CRM platform designed for high-touch client relationships to facilitate customer interactions via web, phone, and email. Even though the client Service Cloud CRM is also integrated with various systems, including OMS, TMS, and IC, to get customers and their order information into the Salesforce system.



  • The client needed help managing a massive volume of data with their Service Cloud Application which directly led to difficulty in meeting custom requirements and slowing down the processes.
  • Another major issue was that there was no data management strategy, due to which the client experienced sub-optimal customer interactions and missed out on potential opportunities.

Our Solution

The Ksolves team has provided a robust solution to the client that includes:

  • Ksolves team has successfully implemented Salesforce Data Cloud by engaging with the Cloud professionals which led to the implementation and optimization efforts.
  • With the help of a certified professional, the client can get a proven track record in implementing the Salesforce Data Cloud solution.
  • This implementation solution allows them to conduct a comprehensive assessment of the existing data management process and identify areas for improvement.
Results of Successful Implementation in Data Cloud
  • Ingest Data from the Service Cloud:

  • Ksolves service cloud data is brought into the data cloud in its original form and stored in a data lake object (DLO).

  • Map all the Service cloud objects to the data cloud.

  • This data mapping is a way to map service cloud data into the data cloud. Data cloud mapping relates Data Lake Object (DLO) fields to Data Model Object (DMO) fields, paving the way for unifying the client’s source data into a single standardized Customer 360 data model.

  • Create a Connection between the Data Cloud and the SF Service Cloud

  • A data source and data action target are automatically created for the organization where you set up the data cloud. To connect to other Salesforce organizations, you must manually set up a connection.

Data Flow Diagram



Hence, with the successful implementation of Salesforce Data Cloud, it becomes possible for the client to overcome the issues associated with managing massive customer data. The Salesforce Data Cloud-implemented solution enables streamlined data processing that enhances customer interactions and maximizes opportunities for engagement. With Ksolves robust data management strategy, the client was well-equipped to deliver proactive services and drive successful business growth.

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