Project Name

Simplified B2B and B2C Operations for Franchisees

Education, Franchise
Python, Ponto, Odoo, XML


Our client deals in B2B and B2C business and offers various training formats across France including Government organizations, private firms, or any individual. They are currently managing the end-to-end franchise activity, including generating orders from the customer, commission, and certificate of courses. Also, they work on a Franchise system that charges a commission based on the Business done by Franchises.



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  • Managing franchisees operations across different cities in France was a key challenge.
  • Establishing a reliable automatic commission-based system to fairly compensate franchisees was essential.
  • The need for an automated process to calculate commissions from each franchisee was paramount.
  • Providing main franchisees with insights into the business generated by their respective city franchisees.
  • Streamlining payment transfers from clients to franchisees and the main company was a priority.

Our Solution

We offered a comprehensive solution to address these challenges:

  • We introduced a multi-company solution to facilitate B2B and B2C connectivity between franchisees, streamlining operations.
  • Our team developed a scheduling automation system that calculates commissions daily and generates monthly invoices for franchisees based on their performance.
  • We provided a dashboard that updates daily, displaying the business done and commissionable amounts for franchisees. It compiles and presents comprehensive business data and commission information for the entire month.
  • Ksolves team integrated Ponto to create payment requests for the main company and franchisees, ensuring seamless and transparent payment flow when clients pay franchisees or the main company.
  • We implemented a scheduler to regularly update the status of payments created in Ponto, ensuring accurate tracking of money transfers.

Data Flow Diagram


In conclusion, our solution has not just solved challenges; it has redefined our landscape, making client franchise management more efficient, insightful, and secure than ever before. We look forward to the future with excitement, knowing that we’re empowered to achieve even greater success.

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