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Project Name

Implementation of Automated Testing Framework With Appium

Android, iOS, Native Mobile Apps, Appium


Our client operates in the Learning Experience Platform (LXP) Industry and offers a mobile platform. The main aim of our client is to deliver the relevant content to the users based on their interests. They usually incorporate multiple social networking features and handle different data types that include text, images, videos, and podcasts.



Frame 73
  • The client was facing issues in maintaining the stability of mobile applications for adding new features.
  • It became impossible to handle the variety of data formats as there was continuous development to enhance the LIVE application.
  • One of the main challenges was to maintain the stability of existing apps along with a fast deployment cycle for new features.

Our Solution

Ksolves team has provided a comprehensive solution to their client that includes:

  • After multiple iterations of manual regression testing, we confirmed with the client that there were no major functionality changes to several of the existing features, and regression testing is being done manually on a variety of environments/devices. At that time, our team suggested and implemented the testing and automation solution using Appium on both mobile platforms.
  • To save the manual testing efforts and also to reduce the cost from a long-term perspective, we took the automation approach using Appium for both platforms.
  • We even helped the client in achieving the same using smooth Job execution from the Bitrise CI/CD tool, as the client was already using this tool.
  • With Bitrise, it becomes possible for us to help the client execute these jobs in an unattended manner to reduce human and technical efforts.
  • A regular failure reporting mechanism was already implemented which facilitated the client to figure out the problems in advance and also avoid downtime situations at a very early stage. Also, the framework was designed and optimized in such a way that it also reduced code maintenance.


Hence, the implementation of the automated testing framework, Bitrise, helped us to address the number of challenges of the dynamic and content-rich application. Even if it is integrated effortlessly into the client’s development and deployment process. Moreover, with Ksolves team experts, it becomes possible for the client to add reliable features instantly to the application.

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