Project Name

Implementation of Kubernetes Master Setup on AWS For E-Commerce

AWS, EC2, Load Balancer, Kubernetes


Our client was a prominent leader in the E-commerce industry who was facing challenges with their frequent database outages, directly affecting service disruptions and financial losses. They are facing issues with their existing database infrastructure as it becomes difficult for them to handle increasing loads necessitating a more resilient solution. 



  • Facing difficulty in cluster outages that lead to service disruptions and financial losses.
  • Another issue was the dependency on a single Kubernetes master, the entire cluster went offline while experiencing downtime.

Our Solution

The Ksolves team has given a robust approach to our client, which is mentioned step by step below:

  • We launched EC2 instances for each Kubernetes master node that works on distributing them across different AZs for high availability. The use of official Kubernetes Amazon Machine Images (AMIs) allows you to customize your own AMIs with the necessary tools installed.
  • After that, we installed Kubernetes, including Kube-Episerver, Kube-Controller-manager, and Kube-Scheduler.
  • Then, with the successful setup of the Etcd cluster with nodes distributed across different AZs, it becomes possible to store cluster data to configure each Kubernetes master to connect to the Etcd cluster setup.
  • Our team then deployed a load balancer in front of the Kubernetes API servers to distribute traffic and provide a single entry point to configure health checks to monitor the API server instances.
  • With the core configuration of HAProxy to manage the load balancing and failover for the Kubernetes API servers.
  • Once the master node fails, all important components will be up and running. This Kubernetes cluster is accessible, and we can create more pods, deployment services, etc.

Data Flow Diagram



Hence, the Ksolves Kubernetes HA Cluster Implementation solution has become up to the mark ensures the high availability of the system, and is completely dedicated to enhancing system reliability and eliminating single points of failure throughout the entire system. Moreover, successful DevOps implementation initially appears intricate, but the adoption of high availability yields significant advantages for systems requiring stability and reliability. Furthermore, this highly available cluster was a crucial element in creating a highly robust infrastructure. 

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