Project Name

Integrated Mindee API with Odoo for Efficient Data Management

Odoo, XML, CSS, Python


The client has integrated the Mindee AI tool with their Odoo system to streamline the process of generating vendor bills and managing expenses. This integration allows them to upload diverse types of documents to the Mindee API and enables them to create vendor bill records and expense records that are transferred back to the Odoo platform.



The key challenges that need to be resolved include:

  • Required to establish the Mindee API connection with Odoo.
  • Utilized Finance API to fetch responses for accounts and expenses.
  • Managed the customer data derived from the API responses.
  • Mapping Odoo's default fields with the responses from the Mindee API presented a notable challenge.
  • Enabled the upload of multiple documents to the Mindee AP.
  • Facilitated the re-upload of bills or receipts for records.
  • Managed incorrect document selections during re-upload.
  • Handled detailed API responses adeptly.
  • Updated stored API responses for document re-uploads.

Our Solution

Our developers provided an efficient solution that streamlined vendor billing and expense automation:

  • Successfully established the connection between Mindee AI and Odoo.
  • Customized the code flow to utilize accounting and finance functionalities for retrieving responses related to both bills and expenses.
  • Implemented a robust system to manage customer creation based on the data obtained from Mindee's responses.
  • Tailored the invoice line fields based on the response received from Mindee's API.
  • Customized the logic to enable the smooth uploading of multiple documents to the Mindee platform.
  • Developed a dedicated log record page to store all API responses and documented the predicted data for future reference.
  • Implemented logic for re-uploading bills/receipts in the Draft/To Submit state.
  • Designed a re-upload button that enables users to upload multiple documents at once and send them to the Mindee server.
  • Customized the stored API response code for re-uploaded documents.

Data Flow Diagram

Frame 3066 (1)


Our team successfully streamlined vendor billing and expense automation by establishing a seamless connection between Mindee AI and Odoo. We customized the code flow to efficiently handle accounting and finance functionalities that allow smooth retrieval of responses for bills and expenses. Our solution also facilitated easy uploading of multiple documents to the Mindee platform and enabled seamless re-uploading of bills and receipts. Overall, these enhancements have significantly improved the efficiency and accuracy of the entire billing and expense management process.

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