Client Overview

Our client required an event management application where they could quickly sell and organize their event tickets to consumers. They want an event-ticket-selling platform where organizers from different industries or companies can come organize and register their events. This can help buyers to get the ticket instantly with all the event information.


  • The client wants to add a mobile feature to the website through which the organizer can create an event with all its requirements. Also, the organizer can launch its own mobile app for a particular event.
  • Mobile App should create a QR code through which users can check in for the event.
  • Require integration of a live-streaming platform into the website.
  • Enable the creation of ambassador program pages for individual events.
  • To create a new instance of an application dynamically when the organizer wanted to create a new instance per event.

Our Solution

  • Our team has worked on the PHP framework to build the event ticket-selling platform from scratch.
  • Create a mobile app page for organizers to input event details, whether for a single event or multiple ones. Using these details, the Android or iOS app development will be prepared for submission to the Android or iOS store and eventual release.
  • Created a live streaming platform allowing event organizers to broadcast and attendees to view events.
  • We've developed a form for live-streaming events that allows users to buy tickets and access comprehensive event details conveniently in one location.
  • Successfully established an ambassador page allowing organizers to assign ambassadors to designated programs and offer incentives based on their sales performance.
  • Our team has also created a tracking system to check the sales.
  • TestRail - TestRail is a web-based test management tool used by testers, developers and other stakeholders to manage, track, and organize software testing efforts.
  • The client's requirement was to promote their events for marketing purposes, so we have provided him with a solution to create a Registration Contest feature. On which EO can create a registration contest page for his event with multiple offers like getting some free tickets etc.
  • There was an additional need to integrate users of EO who had purchased tickets into Mailchimp. This integration allowed EO to efficiently send out bulk marketing emails. As a solution, we successfully implemented MailChimp for EO's email marketing purposes.

DataFlow Diagram



Hence, we've effectively developed a live-streaming event management website development platform, utilizing the PHP framework alongside various technologies. Despite initially targeting a limited user base, post-development, we encountered a significant influx of users. This prompted us to adopt technologies and this made the software, an auto-scale application with RDS.

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