Project Name

Unified Marketplace Solution: Empowering B2B2B Marketplace & Multivendor E-Commerce

Magento 2, PHP, jQuery, JavaScript, Knockout.js, XML


This case study is all about one of our Magento products, Multivendor Marketplace, which works on managing multiple e-commerce platforms. The product is specially designed to establish a B2B marketplace that helps manage multiple entities on a single platform. Moreover, it works as a centralized platform for managing and overseeing all operations, catering to business entities such as website administrators, vendor companies, vendor company employees, and customers by creating roles across all processes and onboarding sellers. 



  • There has been less flexibility in modifying the existing orders that possess multiple hurdles.
  • Renewing orders raised calculation conflicts due to price variations between order and renewal dates.
  • It was quite difficult to onboard multiple sellers, as many of them were not able to fulfill the platform requirements.
  • Many of the sellers don’t have a shipment platform which causes issues, and it becomes quite inconvenient to have safe shipping methods.
  • Sellers often start raising the price of their products, and the admin wants to be aware of the pricing match and make sure that sellers are not raising their prices.

Our Solution

The Ksolves team has provided a robust solution to our client that includes:

  • We established a dedicated portal to empower sellers to manage various aspects, including product types, categories, stocks, inventory, invoicing, and shipments. Our team also added sub-modules for financial management that allow administrators to set commission percentages based on product categories.
  • We established a profiling system with individual seller pages upon registration to facilitate data input, product listing, website URL integration, and sales initiation.
  • For adding custom attributes, we worked on a Magento EAV structure that facilitates effective order management without compromising order integrity. Even a comprehensive vendor portal was developed to help administrators manage operations within the system.
  • Our team had added features such as order request and approval mechanisms, along with the ability to modify order contents, enhancing flexibility for all stakeholders.
  • Moreover, custom pricing capabilities were introduced, allowing vendors to set prices for individual products within each order request.
  • A chat feature facilitated seamless communication between customers, vendors, and administrators, enhancing the overall customer experience. Then, regional payment gateways were integrated using open API endpoints, ensuring secure transactions for customers and vendors.


The implementation of the Multivendor Marketplace setup will result in an efficient system for managing business operations within the B2B2B marketplace. It will provide you with features such as custom attributes, reusable templates, renewal mechanisms, enhanced order management, custom pricing, communication, and improved flexibility to manage the centralized platform for both admins and sellers. Moreover, API development works on enhancing accessibility and integration capabilities, ultimately enhancing the overall customer experience. 

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