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Project Name

Managing the Intellectual Properties in the Entertainment Industry

Apex, Service Cloud, Sales Cloud, Experience builder, Conga Composer


In the entertainment industry, our client faced the complex task of managing legal IP rights for intellectual properties like songs, movies, and videos. These assets are safeguarded by intellectual property laws, preventing unauthorized commercial usage. Our client required a transparent and secure system to ensure the platform’s success.



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  • In the Entertainment Industry, every property like a song, movie, video clip, and others is a legal intellectual property that restricts others to those properties on a commercial level.
  • Therefore, our customers wanted a solution to manage these legal IP rights tracking for self-owned and purchased intellectual property and grant it a great degree of legal protection within the Salesforce solution for the Entertainment platform.

Our Solution

Ksolves created a roadmap to develop a solution and use salesforce as a centralized solution that not only enabled customers to track the intellectual (Copyright, trademark, etc.) properties but also helped them to generate an invoice to track their expenses to manage and purchase intellectual rights.

  • Set up Service Cloud solutions to manage intellectual properties required for each On-Air show.
  • Gather data from multiple resources to gather different levels of intellectual properties.
  • They managed Contract-level information for each intellectual property and their usage along with expenses.
  • We utilized out-of-the-box tools to manage dynamic approval from different levels for expenses.
  • Configured and implemented Conga composer for contract Management with dynamic generation on contracts for different intellectual sources.
  • We have developed a Salesforce solution for Entertainment that is easy to use and manage.

Data Flow Diagram



The solution provided increased processing efficiency and resource engagement via authenticated login, branding, and digital signature. Swift management of contract and use of the intellectual property. Engagement with a larger audience segment through the addition of self-service options and the ability to get approval on invoices and contracts digitally. Overall we provided an engaging interface platform that enhanced usage for all the partners, authenticated users, and guests to enable different levels of users to communicate digitally.

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